The world we live in is changing rapidly. Our soil no longer has resilience or vital nutrients. Nevertheless, television, radio, books, magazines and other types of media and advertisements keep us informed on healthy ways to revitalize replenish and add years to our life. People are paying closer attention to what they consume. Consumers are well aware of the fact that fillers or additives will not produce a healthy body. People yearn for vitamins and minerals that build stamina. Furthermore, since the heat index seems to be rising every year, it is important to learn how to hydrate during our daily tasks. Equally important, most people need to sleep peacefully at night. Unhealthy habits yield unhealthy experiences.

Fortunately, the IDLife experience is a healthy experience whereby people can lose weight, feel good, have lots of energy and sleep well at night. How is all this accomplished? It is accomplished through a fully customized, eighteen years extensive scientific and technological nutritional program. This program does all the work for you. An “ID Assessment” considers dietary habits, any allergies, and the medications currently taken. There are no worries about adverse effects; because a person receives the supplements that only benefit him or her.

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Logan Stout is the chairman and CEO of IDLife. Mr. Stout is also a writer and founder of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. His passion for health and wellness motivates him to educate people in how to invest for a healthy future. Healthy people will most likely reach their fitness goals. He believes that health is not just about nutrition and how much the scale reads.

Garmin, a pioneering company in developing high-tech, quality GPS devices shares in Mr. Stout’s belief that health is not just about nutrition or a number on a scale. Logan Stout recently partnered with Garmin. Garmin also makes wearable fitness devices. IDLife and Garmin’s overall health goal is to take a holistic approach. Garmin also contributed its “Index Smart Scale”. This scale measures skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, body mass index, and water percentage of the body. All this for a healthier future!

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