The Canadian Craft Beer is a leading beer manufacturer in Canada. The role of this company has been defined as important in the globalization of brewing industry. Through Canadian Craft Beer, many beer brands have been introduced to the Canadian industry. Also, other companies have merged with foreign manufacturing firms with the aim of penetrating the Canadian beer market. Perhaps most importantly, the Canadian Craft Beer has injected into the market three new types of beers namely Sleeman, Molson as well as Labatt (TheBroTalk). The introduction of these beers into the market has played a significant role in increasing the Canadian domestic share market.




One beer brand that seems to make a revolutionary move in the Canadian market is Quebec, Quebec. Although this brand has progressively penetrated the market, it is slowly becoming a Microbrewery. This is to mean that the beer will soon be available in most retail outlets. Fruity as it states, this beer still tops the list of some of the best brands in Canada. Quebec is of the French native and it translates to the revolutionary end of the universe. It is one of the best ways to end the day after a long turmoil. With 9% alcohol content, Quebec is fondly referred to as an esque beer featuring floral pigments and honey. According to most client reviews, Quebec is portable and can be carried to picnic lunches.




Behind the great works of beer production in Canada is the visionary Eli Gershkovitch. His career stemmed from law school after which he decided to take a long break and venture into marketing. After enrolling at the prestigious Universite de ski at Grenoble, he perused art in different levels of classes. Eli then enrolled for French classes where he delved into a whirlwind of life exploration. Eli quit law to practice his passion.

Supply and Demand


Presently, what began as a boutique beer production is the talk of the town thanks to the input of Eli Gershkovitch. Steamworks has been operating since 1995. Through the commitment and determination of Eli Gershkovitch, the company has become a leading beer distributor in most Canadian regions. Eli is driven by the motto of supply should always meet the demands of customers instead of demand shrinking to meet the supply of a company.

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