Banking can be very challenging especially when it comes to loan processing. From loan securities to the fluctuating lending services from different banks, banking remains a fundamental element for humans. With the constant changes in the lending rules of banks, it may be tricky for people to find a bank that offers good interest rates loans.Since banks and financial institutions have tightened their lending criteria, clients have trouble when it comes to acquiring loans. That is why Equities First Holdings comes in to assist borrowers in accessing loans. At Equities First Holdings, borrowers have access to securities based lending services for enterprise and private investors. The organizations offer loans depending on its evaluations of the risks involved in addition to the future performance of the stocks, bonds, and treasuries.

Equities First Holdings’ History

Established in 2002, Equities First Holdings has branches across the world with its headquarter in Indianapolis. With some of its offices in London, Sydney, Perth, Singapore, and Bangkok, Equities First Holdings has a unique approach to non-purpose financing. Up to date, the firm has had over 625 transactions due to their unique funding method which offers all clients lower costs of capital and better financing terms. What sets Equities First Holdings apart is their ability to provide financing arrangements tailored to suit client demands.

Mission and Vision

At Equity First Holdings, customers receive straight forward feedback on transaction questions. The efficiency of the staff that attend to customers makes it easy for customers to access funds. Committed to offering a quick loan process, Equities First Holdings is simple, clear and unique. On contacting their team, Equities will provide best information based on the client’s collateral and the amount of funding required. The firm makes it possible for customers to acquire loans at low-interest rates quickly. With the low lending rates, you can rest assured that Equity First Holdings is customer oriented.