Originally established in Fort Worth, TX as Ascent Assurance in 1982, USHealth Group has grown into a leading health insurance brand. The Group is a fraternity of companies with a common course: To offer a structured and innovative medical coverage to people.


Through its various subsidiary locations, the company has a long portfolio of insurance services, including a full record of tailor-made health coverage plans to suit an individual’s specific wants and needs. The firm has been operational for more than half a century. Through this while, the company has gained adequate experience to endure the stiff competition in the industry. Its continuous scale of prosperity is mainly owed to the fact that it offers you and your family affordable, flexible and secure insurance plans.


Insurance Products


Among their specialties are; Medical Coverage, Fixed Indemnity Medical Coverage Policy, Chronic Ailment Coverage, Accident Coverage, Dental Care Insurance, Life Insurance Policy and Agent Recruiting Services among others.


Economic Aspect of the Fixed Indemnity Insurance


The company has been able to evaluate consumer needs critically. Subsequently, it uses the information to develop innovative health coverage policies that satisfy consumer health needs. For instance; following the adoption of Affordable care act, the company came up with the Fixed Indemnity Insurance Products-ValueCare and ValueChoice. That provided clients with the chance to lock in the rates for a maximum of three years. That was in a bid to dissuade their customers from abandoning their coverage policies due to the newly initiated Affordable Care Act.


Membership Benefits


Through your membership to the USHealth Group, you have the chance to log into myUSHG.com online page and get the best personalized services and products for you and your family. From this site, one acquires insights on policies and benefits, health, and physical wellness, clinical treatments and quotes, just to mention but a few.


USHG: An Award Winning Company


By setting the pace for its industrial peers, the company has been a recipient of some prestigious and highly coveted prizes. That could not be better summarized than by the words of the CEO, Troy McQuagge: “We are privileged to be recognized on a yearly basis with some of the most coveted awards in business and entrepreneurship.” He carried on, “The Stevie Awards is an indication that of an undoubted truth that; achieving excellence hardly comes by mere chance, but the feat must be earned.” He spoke after the company won the Gold Stevie Award for better sales and consumer service.