Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school system that operates in lower-income neighborhoods mainly in areas where excellent schools are absent. The belief is that children can accomplish more when they have better educational opportunities that are present in the traditional public school system.

The problem is that children learn at different levels because they come from such diverse backgrounds and experiences. It is fairly well accepted that putting 30 students in a room and expecting all of them to thrive while sitting on one spot from class to class does not always work so well.

The traditional school system seems to be more for the convenience of the institution and schedule than it is for the students. At Rocketship Education the students, called “Rocketeers” receive individualized educational experiences geared to their individual needs and abilities to learn.

There are some traditional class experiences, but it is backed up with digital learning and individualized tutoring to really get at the heart of the matter at hand and to back up the learning that has already taken place.

Students are already comfortable with the use of technological devices in the learning process. They master the use of a smartphone, tablet, or laptop very quickly, if not immediately because they have already probably used these at home. Digital learning is ideal for memorization and repeated forms of learning such as in math, science and similar rote subjects.

Tutoring presents the Rocketeer with one-on-one learning where the subject matter can be brought into focus without distractions. The peer pressure of a traditional classroom is minimized and the student can concentrate better with the tutor and subject matter being the sole focus of the moment.

Parents are encouraged to become as active as they wish to be. Especially with homework, there is a role for the parent to play. Parents are also encouraged to become leaders by helping at school and becoming involved in community activities that pertain to scholastic and educational situations.

The results speak for themselves as the students are usually a full year ahead of their peers from traditional schools when they graduate.

As the founder of IDLife Logan Stout is someone that is clearly serious about supplements that help other people eat healthy. He has taken it upon himself to create a company where supplemental material is provided for anyone that is trying to get serious about replenishing their body of nutrients that they may have been missing.

Logan has been able to gain a level of success that has allowed him to write books and speak at seminars. He has been able to create a solid platform for this business that has allowed him to market to consumers on a global level. His success has been noted by celebrity trainers and billionaire businessmen like Darwin Deason that have taken interest in his company.

There are obviously some people that wonder how Logan Stout does all that he does, but he has stated that the keys to success for him are somewhat simple. It all resolves around his systematic approach to working. He plans his day out from the time that he wakes up until the time that he goes to bed.

Logan believes in company and he takes the products that he markets to others. During the week he has an IDLife Shake every morning, and that is the start of his day before he leaves home. Once he is engaged in the day he gets his children up and gets them ready for school. The remainder of his day is split between work from home and work at the office. Logan does a lot of reading during the course of the day. He reads the newspaper to stay abreast of current events. He also puts a considerable amount of time into reading the Bible. He evens takes the time to read chapters from a book for entertainment at the end of the evening.

His systematic approach to his personal life is something that also shows up in the business world as well. He also does personal development reading so he can focus on improving as a CEO of IDLife. Stout has plans to accomplish many different things with IDLife.

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