The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group Sheldon Lavin had a successful profile as an investor and executive in the financial industry, and today, he has established himself and his firm as leaders in the food processing industry. Lavin is also the president of OSI International Foods Ltd. He oversees various global operations of the company and ensures quality and efficiency are given top priority.

The Global Visionary Award

In 2016, Lavin’s effort in the industry was recognized by India’s Vision World Academy by presenting the Global Visionary Award to him. This award recognizes individuals in different industries who have transformed their dreams into reality through persistence and perseverance to achieve their goals. Sheldon Lavin was recognized for leading OSI Group from a national food processing company to become an international multi-billion dollar organization operating in 16 countries and 60 locations. OSI Group has also received several sustainability and environmental awards under the leadership of Lavin.

Lavin’s Take on the Next Generation of Leaders

Sheldon Lavin believes the next generation of executives and emerging entrepreneurs will continue to focus on health of the planet as a priority. Lavin states one of his accomplishments is to inspire future generation of executives to be committed to growth and expansion of their companies in respectable and responsible ways, and at the same time facilitating the growth of global trade, creating more job options for their employees.

Today, Sheldon Lavin is still focusing on further growth of OSI Group, especially in European and Asian markets. The executive is proud of how the firm has spread its operations on the global platform, spreading the OSI Group culture overseas. Some of the countries where OSI Group is present include Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, South Africa, China and Philippines.

Sheldon Lavin’s Philanthropic Causes

The executive has engaged in different charities such as the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund, numerous Jewish charities, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago and other local and national charities. Through supporting these organizations, Lavin is helping to improve the lives of less fortunate members of the community.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be prepared ahead of time for any diseases you might be diagnosed with? Well, due to recent medical advances this is actually starting to become a possibility. Life Line Screening Services can help you understand what diseases you are most susceptible to and help you prevent them well before they start. Here are just a few of the things we screen to learn more: click here.

1. Diseases of the Heart

If your heart is not functioning properly, your quality will go down the tubes rather quickly. That is why we screen for a number of heart-related ailments, including congestive heart screening failure, carotid artery disease, abdominal aoritic aneurysm disease, peripheral artery disease and high blood pressure.

2. Various Cancer screenings

A cancer diagnosis can be a devastating blow to anyone of any walk of life or socioeconomic background. If there is one thing we take seriously at Life Line Screening Services, it is screening various cancers that might occur. Our team regularly tests to see if patients could potentially develop cancers such as Lung Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer and various other cancerous ailments.

3. Other types of diseases and conditions.

There are other other conditions that we regularly screen for as well. These would include diabetes, testosterone deficiency screenings, Vitamin D screenings, and even screenings for elevated liver enzymes or osteoporosis.


Life Line Screening is committed to offering screenings that are the most beneficial to everyone’s needs. They have worked long and hard to develop a good reputation within the medical community and that is why they are proud of the fact that 9 of 10 medical professionals can recommend them. Life Line also recommends each and every test based on who is susceptible. Because they do not perform every test with everyone, they take other things into account such as risk factors and family history. Life Line Screening also realizes that the medical field is constantly changing. Research shapes who we are, and Life Line continues to seek only the most up-to-date tests and procedures for their patients.

Lime Crime has long had a cult following on Instagram and Facebook, and now customers are finding it even easier to get their hands on the cosmetics by purchasing on, Urban Outfitters, Revolve, Planet Beauty, the Hudson Bay Company, and many other retailers.


Doe Deere founded the brand with to change the makeup industry, from the shopping experience through the application and wearing of products. Lime Crime started online only, and was among the first brands to offer Unicorn color schemes and other bright, vibrant colors not easily found in traditional retailers. The blue Unicorn lipstick has become an incredibly in demand item, and the semi-permanent Unicorn Hair Color has gutsy colors not for the faint of heart.


The younger generation is especially fond of the fact Lime Crime is cruelty free and 100% certified Vegan by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. The makeup styles represented on the official Instagram are bold, rebellious, and light hearted. Inspiration is available for solid color schemes, color palettes, or consumers embracing the whole rainbow of color.


Founder and CEO Doe Deere considers herself a rebel at heart and emulates the image of the brand to perfection. She is openly supportive of gender inclusive beauty standards, and considers her “Unicorn” followers to be her greatest inspiration.


The press has followed Deere’s success closely through the years, and recent articles are available on Refinery 29, PopSugar, Bustle, and a variety of other social media driven platforms. New products are announced frequently; current new items include the “Moonlight Mermaid Collector’s Set”, Aquarium makeup brushes, mermaids eyeshadow palette, and mermaids Velvetine’s lipstick. New shades are also available in the pop-on nail collection, Diamond Crushers lipstick, and matte Velvetine’s lip shades designed to be evocative of the summer heat.


When purchased from the company’s website, referral bonus options are available, as are student discount. Shipping is fast, and a team of specialists are available to web chat with if you have any questions about the cosmetics.


Orthopedic procedures are carried out to ascertain that a variety of injuries and conditions have been treated and diagnosed. Orthopedic doctors get to deal with each injury differently since each patient is unique. However, no matter the chosen means, they end up achieving the end goal which is having the patient feel better. Surgeries can be conducted to deal with the conditions within the skeletons and muscles within the human body. Some of the types of orthopedic procedures are listed below.

  • Total Joint Replacement

Most patients who have to undergo this surgery in most cases have been diagnosed with severe arthritis. Through the surgery, they can feel better thus reducing the pains and increasing their range of motion. The surgeons will have to assess the damaged parts and determine which will be replaced with plastic and metal surfaces. All of these replacements are naturally shaped thus restoring the moving parts to normal function.

  • ACL Reconstruction

This is a major stabilizing ligament in the knee which is also known as the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. The ligament is reconstructed whenever it ruptures; this mostly occurs in patients when involved in sports or when the knee has been twisted the wrong way. The surgeon gets to remove the torn ligament and uses the tissue of the patient or a donor to construct a new ACL. The new ligament will later be attached to the bone using screws thus being held in place.

Dr. Greg Finch

Dr. Finch is a well renowned orthopedic surgeon; he gets to deal with spine surgeries mostly. He is also a member of a few organizations which assist in the orthopedic procedures, some of which include the Spine Society of Australia, the American spine society, and the Australian Orthopaedic Association.

Dr. Greg Finch is a specialist in spine care and treatment of all operative and non-operative conditions.

Avaaz is a civic organization that connects people from all over the globe through an online platform, and organizes off-line events, raises money, and influences policy makers towards making change. The causes that they work for cover a range of challenges that all countries face: Climate change, animal rights, humanitarian issues, and political freedoms.

The strength of Avaaz as an organization comes in part from the numbers of people that support their cause, and in part from the way that they have embraced technology as a means of causing change in the world. They saw before many others the way that technology could connect people; in the face of forces that often separate people, technology could become an antidote.

They began using technology right away as they formed in 2007, and have always come from the belief that protests do not have to happen on the streets. Activism can begin online, and then spread out from there. Technology allows people to connect quickly, to see with transparency what is happening in other countries, and to transfer funds in an expedited manor. Avaaz has raised millions of dollars for the causes that they support, and can apply that money exactly when it is needed, and not a moment later.

The online platform allows for their strength in numbers to be leveraged. As an organization they can funnel thousands of calls to political leaders requesting change, or can rally thousands to gather in one particular place to stage a protest. Their work is presented in 15 different languages, and they have headquarters on 6 continents, making them a truly global organization. In many ways, they represent the future of activism. Embracing technological means when it comes to protesting is the way of the future, and Avaaz is giving the world an example of what this looks like.

The Australian based lingerie, intimates and adult toy brand, Honey Birdette has been extremely successful in their home market of the land down under, so much that they are now planning on expanding into new markets overseas. These new markets will include those of The United Kingdoms as well as the United States of America.

The companies interest in the later nation piqued after they recieved massive sales from the land of the free and the home of the brave which was so high (374 %!) that it totally eclipsed sales from all other overseas markets. Thus it was clear to the company that Americans had a particular interest in Honey Birdette’s unique and highly diversified brand of lingerie and intimates. Honey Birdette has since created a totally new website for US customers which features numerous potent upgrades and improvements from their original Australian server based website. Some of these perks include free shipping for any item or items that total fifty dollars or more and totally free express shipping for any item or items that totals one hundred dollars or more.

The company also has tremendous interest in the U.K. in a far more concrete way – quite literally – and are planning on increasing their number of real world storefronts from three all the way up to 40. This store building project is currently underway with stated plans for the project to be completed some time around the very end of 2018. With sales better than ever, interest very high and solid plans for a intercontinental lingerie take-over Honey Birdette seems well poised to be the next big thing.