Jason Hope is a name that is mostly associated with the Internet of Things. Jason is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist among others. He is very passionate about current upcoming technology. He takes his time to write about any advancement in technology and his writing is taken to be of great value especially to people interested in technology. He also spends his time analyzing trends and predicting the future.

The Internet of Things, IoT, has been discussed in depth by Jason Hope and he has predicted that it will be life changing. The IoT is the synchronization of devices using the internet. The devices include kitchen equipment, lights, and phones among others. These devices link up using a similar network to make work efficient and reduce wastage by sharing data. The Internet of Things will be an investment every big business will want to tap into in the near future due to its capability of making work easier. According to Jason, small and upcoming business will also be required to keep up with this technology in order to sustain themselves in the market.

Jason Hope studied at the ASU, Arizona State University. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and an MBA. Jason lives in Arizona. He is interested in investing in healthcare, which is based on technology. This is clearly depicted by the half a million dollars he donated towards the advancement to fight diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, that come with age. This money was donated to SENS Foundation who are developing and enabling access to rejuvenation biotechnologies that are addressing medication and prevention of these diseases.

Jason has a couple of technology based investments which operate under the mother company, Jawa. The investments deal with Interactive software, Digital Media Solutions, and Marketing Services among other. Jason Hope earns his living through these investments. Jason Hope also passionate about businesses and he understands the difficulty in getting start-up capital. He has a grant program that gives start-up funds for great ideas which he receives through his website. This grant program has enabled great ideas to turn into businesses and motivated more innovative ideas.

Respecting Jason Hope: http://jasonhope.com/philanthropy/

George Soros, the well-known hedge fund manager and one of the biggest billionaires in the world, is credited for many political contributions that sought a social change in the society. Interestingly, he also has a reputation as one of the largest philanthropic contributors among the billionaires. Soros actively interferes with the political system around the world in an attempt to change the social order that gives equal importance to everyone. With that mission, he contributed at least $25 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton in the 2017 Presidential election. Soros felt that the policies and divisive speeches of Donald Trump can harm the American society in the long run. Know more on cnbc.com about George Soros.

Per the Federal Election Commission records and interviewing with campaigning experts, Soros has also contributed to many Hillary supporting PACs as well. Interestingly, this was the first time he was going for spending spree after 2004 Presidential election – in the election, Soros contributed more than 27 million to defeat the then President George W. Bush. This time, he donated $7 million to Priorities USA Action, a Clinton backing super PAC. Soros also contributed at least $2 million a research group cum PAC named American Bridge 21st Century, a group targeting various Republican candidates including Donald Trump. He made a commitment of $5 million to another super PAC named Immigrant Voters, a group working to raise the voting percentage from Hispanic voters, especially in the swing states.

Learn more: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=977

Apart from making the political contributions to shape the future of the United States, George Soros is also found to be significantly playing his role in integrating the American community. The political observers confirm that he played a significant role in mobilizing the protests after the Ferguson incident in August 2014. As a currency trading billionaire with a fortune of nearly $25 billion, Soros funded various groups for years to mobilize them across the country. Per the disclosures of his Open Society Foundations, he contributed more than $33 million in a year to plan and coordinate grass-root level action plans. The groups funded by the Soros’ Open Society Foundations could make a one-day criminal event that happened in Missouri being converted to a 24-hour-a-day major protest. Visit his profile on Twitter.

It is known that Soros’ Open Society Foundations contribute and support various democratic protests that aim for equality and social justice around the world. It should be noted that Soros started the Open Society Foundations in the early 80s, and it has branches in more than 70 countries, as of today. Interestingly, the contributions from various OSF groups under him are coming with no strings attached. Even in the Ferguson and the following protests, his foundations did not give any directions on how to use the money or how to run the campaign, though the foundations were spending large sums.

Eric Pulier is widely known as one of the best minds in the technology sector. He’s also one of the best examples of how to approach the subject. The reason he’s such a good role model stems from the fact that he’s sidestepped some of the biggest issues with technological development right from the start. Pulier shows just how much can be accomplished when looking at the tech sector in the right way.

Eric Pulier certainly showcases the value of accomplishments in the field. However, the most important thing to take away from those accomplishments is how they came about. Pulier shows that the common assumptions about success in the tech field are often wrong. There’s usually an idea that success in technology comes from a laser focus on one specific area. Pulier instead demonstrates that the best way to move forward in the industry is through a larger vision.

Pulier’s main goal isn’t technological innovation. Instead, he’s always wanted to make the world a better place. It’s simply that technology offers the best methods by which people can help each other. A great example can be found with one of Pulier’s earlier charitable ventures with the Multiple Sclerosis Society. He put together some powerful educational software that was able to help educate people about the condition. Software based multimedia presentations have proven themselves to be an amazing way to help people understand the difficult realities of complex medical topics. The software has helped countless families understand the complex realities of multiple sclerosis in a way they might have never been able to without Pulier’s help.

Pulier used a similar theme to help educate children about diabetes. He created a game called Starlight World which gives kids a microscopic look into exactly how their bodies are coping with the condition. They get to see firsthand just what complications can be caused by differences in blood sugar or insulin. It’s a fantastic way to help kids have fun learning about medical conditions. It also takes away some of the concerns they might have otherwise felt.

These examples show just how much good someone can do for the world with technology. It’s only a small subset of the good which Pulier has been able to do for the world. But by looking at some of these accomplishments it should become clear just how important technology can be when it’s in the hands of someone with as big a heart as Pulier.

Visit Eric Pulier’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eric.pulier

The Cancer Centers of America offers cutting edge treatment for patients who suffer from many types of cancer. It uses chemotherapy, radiation and other traditional forms of therapy, but it infuses new technologies and treatment methods into the works as well. One of the newest form of treatment that is effective for some types of cancers is immune system therapy. This new treatment involves teaching the immune system to attack cancer cells.

People often mistakenly think that cancer is just one disease. It is not. There are different causes and types of cancer, and some are harder to cure than others. The disease process begins when a cell’s method of keeping itself from being copied too many times goes haywire. Mutations often begin this process, but they are not the only method. Anyone who has studied biology beyond the middle school level knows that most DNA mutations do not affect the individual. Of the ones that do, most of these are harmful. A few of these mutations are beneficial. In theory, cancerous cells could live forever, if they did not end up killing the patient.

Using new and traditional technologies to create an effective treatment plan convinces most people, but the Cancer Treatment Centers of America goes beyond just offering medical support. The staff offer nutritional, psychological and spiritual support to its patients. Its staff often uses a holistic approach, but this does not mean that the center uses New Age medicine, although it would not prevent someone from using alternative medicine techniques in addition to their regular therapy routine.

No one wants to hear the c word from their doctor. Despite the progress science has made, no cancer treatment is one hundred percent effective. Some types of cancer may always be difficult to treat, but the staff at the Cancer Centers of America do everything they can to return their patients to full health.

Yanni Hufnagel knows that college basketball is something that some people take very seriously. It is also something that people must work hard at if they want to be able to try different things and get more out of the options that they have in their own sports careers. Yanni Hufnagel knows that college is the gateway to professional sports and he knows that doing different things with basketball will be able to make a difference for everyone who is involved with the college sport. It is something that has shown people the different ways that they can do things.

Yanni Hufnagel has always coached basketball in a way that he knows he would have wanted to be coached as a college player. He focuses on the strengths that they have and allows them to play with those in mind. It is something that has made him a better coach and something that has made it easier for the players to respect what he is doing. Because the players like him so much, it has made the job easier for Yanni Hufnagel to continue doing what he needs to do so that the teams that he works with will be able to succeed.

Since Yanni Hufnagel began coaching, he has been somewhat of a nomad in the sport. He has gone to different teams and has helped with them so that he will be able to make a difference for the players in each of the teams. This is something that has helped him to be more successful and has helped him to learn different playing styles. He knows that he will settle for a team one day and that he will be able to help them with everything but it is still early in his career for him to stick as a head coach.


Originally established in Fort Worth, TX as Ascent Assurance in 1982, USHealth Group has grown into a leading health insurance brand. The Group is a fraternity of companies with a common course: To offer a structured and innovative medical coverage to people.


Through its various subsidiary locations, the company has a long portfolio of insurance services, including a full record of tailor-made health coverage plans to suit an individual’s specific wants and needs. The firm has been operational for more than half a century. Through this while, the company has gained adequate experience to endure the stiff competition in the industry. Its continuous scale of prosperity is mainly owed to the fact that it offers you and your family affordable, flexible and secure insurance plans.


Insurance Products


Among their specialties are; Medical Coverage, Fixed Indemnity Medical Coverage Policy, Chronic Ailment Coverage, Accident Coverage, Dental Care Insurance, Life Insurance Policy and Agent Recruiting Services among others.


Economic Aspect of the Fixed Indemnity Insurance


The company has been able to evaluate consumer needs critically. Subsequently, it uses the information to develop innovative health coverage policies that satisfy consumer health needs. For instance; following the adoption of Affordable care act, the company came up with the Fixed Indemnity Insurance Products-ValueCare and ValueChoice. That provided clients with the chance to lock in the rates for a maximum of three years. That was in a bid to dissuade their customers from abandoning their coverage policies due to the newly initiated Affordable Care Act.


Membership Benefits


Through your membership to the USHealth Group, you have the chance to log into myUSHG.com online page and get the best personalized services and products for you and your family. From this site, one acquires insights on policies and benefits, health, and physical wellness, clinical treatments and quotes, just to mention but a few.


USHG: An Award Winning Company


By setting the pace for its industrial peers, the company has been a recipient of some prestigious and highly coveted prizes. That could not be better summarized than by the words of the CEO, Troy McQuagge: “We are privileged to be recognized on a yearly basis with some of the most coveted awards in business and entrepreneurship.” He carried on, “The Stevie Awards is an indication that of an undoubted truth that; achieving excellence hardly comes by mere chance, but the feat must be earned.” He spoke after the company won the Gold Stevie Award for better sales and consumer service.

Omar Yunes the Mexican franchisee of Sushi Itto, the Japanese food company, beat stiff international competition to win the Best Franchisee of the World Award. This was announced on December 5, 2016, at the culmination of the competition in Florence, Italy.

Yunes became the franchisee of Sushi Itto and very quickly grew to open 13 units employing 400 across Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz. This amounts to 10% of the total number of units that Sushi Ittoo has. That this was no ordinary competition is borne out by the fact that franchisees from 34 countries including Argentina, Italy, France, Portugal, Brazil, and Mexico among others participated.

Winning this competition is a big deal for franchisees based out of Mexico as it has exalted their status to the international level at one fell swoop. Yunes on his part wants to give all the credit for the win to his 400 employees. The management of Sushi Ittoo is of course over the moon at this great victory as it will only add to the allure of their brand.

As a matter of fact, they were very perceptive in making a 21-year-old Yunes their franchisee, at a time, when nobody would have known about the kind of potential he possessed. According to the organizers of the festival, Yunes won not so much because of the brand he represented, but on account of the way, he ran the franchise benchmarking it to global standards.

This can only augur well for the Mexican franchise industry with more and more talented people wanting to emulate Yunes. By his victory Yunes has proved that it is not your age or nationality that will decide your level of achievement, but what you bring to the table. Obviously, Yunes must have worked very hard indeed when he started off at the young age of 21, learning the ropes, innovating, strategizing and eventually mastering the business model that worked so well for him. It might not be a bad idea for a leading business school to do a case-study of how he achieved the level success he did. The coming days will surely see him achieve much more acclaim, considering how young he still is.

For more information check out Omar Yunes on crunchbase.com

Since the 1930s, oil drilling operations in Mexico have been overseen by the government—eradicating competition and creating opportunities for only national companies to drive oil. This is bad for business. With new private ventures, competition can drive the very best in the industry and boost the Mexican economy.

Now that opportunity has arrived. For the first time in nearly 80 years, the Mexican government has opened its borders for private companies to come in and partner on oil-drilling projects with Mexican companies. Today, Sierra Oil & Gas, a Mexican company, is doing just that via a new partnership with U.S.-based Talos Energy and U.K.-based Premiere Oil.

Together, these three companies have begun an oil project near the Mexican state of Tabasco, in the Sureste Basin—where rich fields are estimated to produce up to 500 million barrels of crude oil, if successful.

The oil-drilling venture, funded by Premiere Oil, is estimated at $16 million. Sierra Oil & Gas has 40 percent ownership in the project, followed by Talos at 35 percent and Premiere at 25 percent. The joint project could produce between 100 and 500 million crude oil barrels by the end of the venture. Estimates from start to finish are 90 days, and considering the project kicked off at what is known as the Zama-1 oil site in late May – the project is on target to drill and extract at the lowest estimate 100 million barrels of crude and at the highest, 500 million.

Talos Energy has been thrilled to part of this landmark project in Mexico because it will drive competition in the global market and boost the incentives for all parties involved. With years of experience in the oil industry, Talos founder Tim Duncan says that the private partnership opens new, never-known opportunities throughout Mexico. Before founding Talos in 2012, Duncan founded two oil-drilling companies with operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Today, Talos has 120 employees on site in Mexico to oversee operations in the field while another 60 head up operations in their Houston-based headquarters.

For more information follow Talos Energy on Facebook.

Dick DeVos’ family has been involved in numerous philanthropic contributions since 1989. According to information posted on the website of their foundation, they donated $138.7 million to charities from 1989 to 2015. These funds have been channeled to leadership initiatives, healthcare services, churches, arts and culture, and most of it to scholarships and education reforms. According to John Truscott, Dick & Betsy DeVos’ spokesman, the report about their contributions reflects the family’s commitment to transparency and accountability. He further added that the report was to be made public regardless of Mrs. Betsy DeVos being nominated by Trump as United States’ Education Secretary. Mr. Dick DeVos maintained all the contributions made through their foundation were in line with regulations governing charitable organizations.


The main objective of these charitable donations is to impact positively the lives of other individuals, according to Mr. DeVos. He also added that the organization does not advance political agendas, but focusing on serving people from all walks of lives. Some of the beneficiaries of the couple’s donations in 2013 were Ferris State University, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Northwood University in Midland, New Mexico’s Rehoboth Christian School and others. In 2015, Dick’s family gave out more than $11 million to fund various charitable programs. Education received the largest share of this amount. Dick DeVos is the son of Rich DeVos, Amway co-founder. Forbes Magazine estimates the larger DeVos family has donated close $1.33 billion in their lifetime.


Dick DeVos’ Involvement in the Transformation of Grand Rapids


Education reform in Michigan has been one of the biggest initiatives supported by Dick & Betsy through their donations. A few years ago, Dick DeVos founded West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter school for educating pilots and aeronautical engineers. His wife, Betsy DeVos, was also involved in similar causes, trying to assist kids from poor family backgrounds to be on the same level as those from wealthy families. Although they have experienced some challenges, the private school voucher programs have already been rolled out countrywide and have attracted hundreds of thousands of students from 24 states. The movement is still growing and expanding, according to Betsy DeVos. Their aim is to offer parents more choices when selecting schools to send their children.


Dick DeVos’ Professional Profile


Dick DeVos is a successful business executive who served as the Chief Executive Officer of Amway from 1993 to 2002. He previously held other roles before ascending to the CEO’s position. Under his leadership, Amway’s annual sales and profit increased significantly to levels that had never been achieved before. After leaving Amway, Mr. DeVos joined The Windquest Group as the President, a position he serves even today. The firm is located in Grand Rapids, MI, and it invests in technology, hospitality, manufacturing and other sectors.



When it comes to cosmetics, consumers remain perplexed regarding what items to buy. Moreover, cosmetic lines continue to clutter the minds of consumers with false promises. On an annual basis, numerous companies claim to offer superior products. However, their offerings remain the contrary. In addition, these companies oftentimes overprice their products at the expense of their customers. Therefore, it remains an understatement to say that they do not care about their customers. Fortunately, all cosmetic companies have not adopted this philosophy. In fact, a few cosmetic companies continue to set trends and remain equipped with loyal customers. With that being said, Lime Crime remains the company in reference. For those unaware, the company remains an industry leader. For years, the company has offered a superior line of cosmetics. Aside from offering vegan and cruelty-free products, the company leads the way in digital marketing.


Furthermore, Lime Crime entertains their customers with their eccentric product names. In addition, the company remains supported by PETA and the Leaping Bunny. On numerous occasions, the company remains a trending topic on social media. Aside from the company’s numerous products, its Valentine’s brand remains noteworthy. Moreover, the company’s Valentine’s brand remains a favorite among consumers. This remains attributed to the vibrant, deep colors offered by the brand. In addition, the red lipstick brand has received critical acclaim and rave reviews across the internet. Moreover, it remains reasonably affordable. According to the reviews, the brand makes its customers feel good.


Also, it lasts longer than its competitors. Moreover, it feels softer and looks better. In addition, the brand possesses an easy to use applicator. Aside from the brand’s beautiful Hue, its supporters claim that they do not need a touch-up. Moreover, it lasts all day. With that being said, most lipsticks pale in comparison to the brand. Regardless of how many times customers pucker up their lips, the brand continues to endure. In addition, the brand remains universal. Therefore, it has international appeal. Aside from bearing the company’s namesake, it also lives up to the hype. In closing, the company continues to set the standard in cosmetics. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html