Troy A. McQuagge is the President, CEO as well as a member of Board of Director of the USHEALTH Group, Inc. He began working for the company in 2010 where he immediately set about turning the company by re-building its captive agency for distribution, USHEALTH Advisor. Through his achievement, in November 2013 he was elected the Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of USHEALTH Group and later in June 2014 he was promoted and elected as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company. Since that time, Troy  McQuagge has served in the same capacity with other subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group as well as Freedom Life Insurance Company.

Ushealth Group, Inc. is a company which deals with insurance holding based in Texas. The company’s primary focus is to ensure it provides innovative health coverage for small business owners as well as the self-employed individuals. On the other hand, the company’s goal is to combine talents of its employees as well as agents to market profitable and competitive insurance products. The company also ensures the customers acquire superior customer service in each and every aspect of its operations.

Mr. McQuagge’s career started at Allstate Insurance Company in the year 1983. In 1995, he joined Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI) where he then became the president in the year 1997. Through his leadership, UGA was able to set numerous sales records in a single year. Later UICI was acquired by a private equity investor where the company changed its corporate name to HealthMarkets. Mr. McQuagge was given the task and responsibility of leading all the marketing and sales efforts within the self-employed group in the company. Through his leadership as the president, the company was registered annual premium sales volume of more than $1 Billion making AMG get recognition as one of the Insurance Sales Organization of the year. It was achieved by selling the Stevie Awards and Power Magazine.

During his leadership, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has been able to register significant success, growth as well as profitability in one of the highly competitive markets for individual health insurance. Mr. McQuagge has also been named as the Gold Winner in the prestigious One Planet Awards. He acknowledged that the award belonged to all the employee of the company since the award presents a testament to the ongoing commitment of the business to provide a solution to the healthcare affordability to customers by offering innovative coverage that increases in growth as the healthcare needs grow. One Planet Awards recognizes companies mainly for their professional and business excellence and include sections such as teams, executives, new products and services, Marketing, PR, and corporate communications.


There are many cafeterias and dining halls in the world that use bulk food purchases to ensure they have enough for everyone. They are ordering from companies that are selling large amounts of food, and the finest companies for such a purpose are those like OSI Group. This article explains how the company is offering better food products to everyone, and there is a look at how the company operates in a manner that is safe for the world.

#1: The Bulk Food Choices

OSI Group has a massive website where someone may order their food at any time. The food that is offered will fill out every part of the menu in the facility. The menus that are built with OSI Group may be ordered online, and they are sent by the company at once. They move fast to ensure everyone gets the food they ordered, and OSI Group use the most-sustainable practices in the industry.

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#2: Managing Better Facilities

OSI Group has sustainable facilities all over the world including those from Baho Foods and Tyson Foods they recently purchased. They have taken every step to ensure their clients are given the finest foods, and they are recovering resources in their plants to protect the environment. It is important to OSI Group they are using their resources well, and they do not wish to sap the community dry.

#3: Employing Many

The people who are searching for jobs near plants run by OSI Group will find what they need as the company is one of the largest employers in the country. They are willing to gives jobs to ensure families are comfortable, and they will do so every year as they expand.

The OSI Group difference is in their service. They allow for better foods, less harm to the planet and more jobs.

Eric Lefkofsky is an extremely successful pioneer hailing from the Midwest. With his life, starting in Michigan Lefkofsky would go on to study in his own state’s University of Michigan. While he was there Lefkofsky would impress with his superior intellect and grasp of his studies that would in turn take him to the University of Michigan Law School. Lefkofsky continued to create a strong foundation that would allow his entrepreneurial ideas to flourish with his creations and ideas.


Co-Founder of Groupon

Eric Lefkofsky is perhaps best known to the chairman and co-founder of the hugely successful company Groupon considered by many to be the quickest expanding company of all time as of 2010. While being part of Groupon Lefkofsky has also had to turn down a significant amount of offers that have come from large companies such as Google in their will to acquire Groupon altogether. His unwillingness to sell Groupon allowed him to rise to the position of CEO a position he helped until 2015 in which he left to found the company Tempus, a company that uses advanced data to help combat cancer. Read more:


Working to Better the Future

His employment with the Lefkofsky Foundation has allowed Lefkofsky to support causes and organizations of his choice. Its creation has allowed for children in need to receive support.


However, another creation by Lefkofsky is Tempus. Tempus is an organization founded by Eric Lefkofsky in order to provided better research and technology in the treatment of cancer. Tempus was created in order to focus on developing technologies that aim to help individuals suffering from cancer by providing them with means they can’t find at traditional medical facilities. Tempus is one of the best examples of a proactively charitable organization founded by Lefkofsky. Follow him in


Whether it be his home grown upbringing in Michigan or his rise as Ceo of Groupon and Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has continued to forward himself towards entrepreneurship that focuses in on helping that in need suffering from medical conditions. His job ventures have been not only to better himself, but also to put Lefkofsky in a position to help others in need.


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One thing that is proven is that people need role models and examples to follow. Without someone to look to, it could be harder for people to find some kind of direction in their lives. Role models are people that can provide that example and even inspire people to follow after something. The only thing is that while anyone can be a role model, it is up to the person to choose his role model. One common aspect about a role model that people look for is similarities to them. When they feel that they can relate to this role model, then they will be able to reach towards higher goals.

One person that is a really good role model is Betsy DeVos. She is someone with a gentle spirit. She is also very generous in her philanthropy because she loves people. She especially has a soft spot for children. She believes that children need a fair chance to succeed in life. Therefore, she is doing everything she can to improve the quality of education. She is also willing to bring to attention other alternatives in education. She has an understanding that children are different from each other and what may work for one child is not going to work for another.

She has spent a large part of her career working as an activist. While she considers herself an outsider in the realm of politics, she understands a lot of how it works. Also, she is not the only one who has gotten involved in politics. Her husband, Dick has also pursued a career in politics. However, one of Betsy DeVos’ greatest passions is education. She is willing to share her ideas and beliefs in the discussion in the hopes of getting people to consider her suggestions on what could be done to improve education.

Betsy DeVos is a wonderful mother, devoted wife and a real kindhearted grandmother. She understands and values the importance of family. She is hoping to influence people to live according to these values through her example and her kind spirit. Therefore, she is a great role model for people to follow.

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There’s nothing quite like a great lip balm to make your whole face happy, and no one does lip balms better than EOS! The makers of these popular, sphere-shaped lip conditioners, Evolution Of Smooth (hence the anagram EOS) uses predominantly organic ingredients in all of it’s lip care products, as well as being gluten-free. Not only are the flavors unique and refreshingly delicious, they contain natural plant and berry extracts chock full of antibiotics, vitamins, essential oils, Shea butter and Jojoba Oil to help heal chapped lips and keep them soft and ultra-hydrated. Many formulas contain SPF for protection against the elements and peppermint extracts for extra healing power.

EOS lip balms are the #2 best-selling lip conditioning products in the United States, and the only one to offer such a wide array of flavors.One million EOS lip balm products are sold in the United States each week, with the fun and colorful sphere-shaped balm being the most popular by far. There are literally dozens and dozens of fantastic flavors to choose from; start a collection and try them all!

Here are 10 of the most exotic, fruity-fun flavors:

  1. SUMMER FRUIT: Delicious and bursting with tons of fresh strawberry, peach, and blueberry flavor to keep lips moist and supple.
  2. BLACKBERRY NECTAR: This unique flavor is filled with lip nutrients such as Shea butter and antioxidants like Vitamins C and E for optimum lip health.
  3. ST. BARTH’S SUNRISE PINK GRAPEFRUIT: Flavor with a bit of zing, this luscious lip balm fairly explodes with the juicy flavor of tangy pink grapefruit to delight and condition your lips.
  4. POMEGRANATE RASPBERRY: Two of nature’s most popular flavors come together to treat lips to the ultimate taste and emollient experience, full of natural softeners to keep flaky lips at bay.
  5. COCONUT MILK: Tropical coconut flavor delivers a ton of natural emollients and antioxidants to keep lips smooth.
  6. HONEYSUCKLE HONEYDEW: Quite possible the most unique of all the flavors, this one is over the top packed with nature’s own vitamins and nutrients or the ultimate moisturizing experience for lips and a one-of-a-kind, incredible flavor.
  7. BARBADOS HEAT WILDBERRY: Exotic, tropical flavor packed with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Shea butter, and natural antioxidants for a taste and feel of the Islands top keep your lips supple and smooth.
  8. BLUEBERRY ACAI: Made with natural ingredients from two Superfruits, this EOS lip balm flavor will keep a smile on your face and chapped, flaky lips at bay.
  9. VANILLA MINT: Like a sweet, cool summertime treat for your lips, only better. Infused with nature’s own essential oils to drench lips in moisture and keep them in perfectly kissable condition.
  10. TANGERINE: Sweet, tangy, and full of vitamins and natural conditioners, this flavor is loved by lips everywhere.

EOS lip balms can be purchased online at Well, Walgreens, Walmart and Target also have EOS lip balm products on their store shelves. Other online sites such as, eBay( and Ulta have them too! With so many great flavors and so many key benefits it is easy to see why EOS is so popular all over the world.

Wengie is a lifestyle and beauty guru who uploads videos on her YouTube channel. She has been uploading to YouTube for many years and currently has well over five million subscribers. She was originally born in China but moved to Australia when she was a very young girl. She is currently one of the top YouTube content creators in Australia and offers viewers videos on a variety of different topics including hair, beauty and even food. One of her most popular videos is her 10 Hair hacks every lazy person should know video. This video has received millions and millions of views and has been very helpful for many of her viewers.


Throughout the hair hacks video Wengie provides her many subscribers and viewers with a variety of different ways to care for your hair in simple ways. One of the biggest and most important tips is to have a good diet. Having a good diet ensures your hair is shiny and always looking its best. Follow a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables for the best results. Another very important tip Wengie shares with her viewers is to avoid using conditioners and shampoos with harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals such as sulfates can strip hair and cause it to be dry and damaged. Instead reach for shampoos that offer natural ingredients.


As the video goes on Wengie shares a variety of different tips and tricks. She shows viewers how to create unique one of a kind braids as well as a unique and fun way to part your hair. The video is filled with great ways to save time and money as well as a variety of great ways to get healthier shinier looking hair.


It is easy to see why this

is one of Wengies top viewed videos as she gives viewers some great ideas on how to get healthier hair. Her unique and innovative ideas as well as her fun and bubbly personality are just some of the reasons she is one of the most subscribe to channels in Australia and all over the world.

Have you ever wanted to be on the forefront of crime fighting anywhere in the world? Do you wish that your facility or company was proactive in fighting crime instead of being reactive in the battle with crime? We’ll have no fear because Securus Technologies has been at the forefront of crime prevention serving correctional facilities and law enforcement around the United States and elsewhere too.


They provide tech solutions for public safety officials and law enforcement personnel that are cost effective and leverage the tools already there within the facility to catch the inmates off guard. They have received thousands of letters and calls from law enforcement praising the work of this company’s ability to keep families and the community at large safe.


So how do they keep the community safe? What methods does this company use that makes it so successful? Some of the methods include recording inmate phone calls. Some of the recorded calls have caught drug selling, threats, money transfers, and other illegal activities on tape.


There is also the presence of active video monitors in the common areas that inmates gather to talk and share things. This advanced technology allows the company and its clients or customers to keep an active eye on potential crime before it even happens. The facility and the customers can analyze recorded audio and video and even store for evidence use for later on should the need arise.


Are you searching for legal assistance with business matters? Need a reliable lawyer in Brazil to handle your business related dispute or other case? Ricardo Tosto a top Brazilian lawyer, is your clear choice for effective legal representation.

Not every lawyer or attorney is right for a particular project or legal matter. When individuals and businesses Ricardo Tosto it is because they want a lawyer experienced with business matters and knowledgeable in litigation.

Hire a lawyer who shares your sense of urgency and cares about your business success and your peace of mind. Whether you are facing a lawsuit, plaintiff or defendant, any lawsuit or argument can quickly become a crucial, even defining, event in a business.

Look for an attorney who is responsive and has an ability to act rapidly. Such cases should be brought to the attention of an experienced lawyer. A competent lawyer will cut through to what is necessary, makes sure the he or she organizes the facts, finds the most effective arguments and handles the case intensely and very well.

Consider an attorney who will defend your rights. If you have an agreement with a much larger business, for instance, you need an attorney that stands up to the challenge, no matter how complex, and is definitely on your side in every negotiation, conference, every moment in a courtroom.

Ricard Tosto is a renowned business attorney and a litigation expert. He has been in practice for more than 22 years and has numerous satisfied clients all over Brazil. Mr Ricardo Tosto is a hard worker and takes the time to understand his clients’ business and what they are trying to accomplish.

Ricardo Tosto has advised and represented most of the big businesses and corporations involved in complex cases in Brazil. He has navigated complex business and corporate law issues and dedicated his career to helping business organizations and corporations operate successfully and follow the law. His know-how and results have earned him the respect of opposing lawyers, enterprises, organization executives, and legal associations in Brazil.





The world cheers Eric Pulier for his great entrepreneurial skills and multi-skilled nature. Not only is Eric an entrepreneur but also, a technologist, columnist, certified author, public speaker, and a co-founder and founder of many companies. He has also participated in the donation of funds for many organizations. He is the founder of the following companies; Digital Evolution, Media Platform, TM Forum, ServiceMesh, US Interactive and Desktone. Apart from founding several companies, Eric has capitalized in venture capital and charity organizations. Examples of the venture capital funds include Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures and eCompanies. Apart from founding and co-founding great companies and organizations, Eric has earned prominence through being an active investor in the industry of technology and media.



Government Contracts



Having had enough experience in the entrepreneurial field, Eric was selected to construct and manage the project ‘Road to the 21st Century’. This project rooted from Bill Clinton’s program for his 2nd inauguration. The event was hosted at the Washington Mall. Many people attended it including congresspersons, the Senate and Supreme Court. As the events manager, Eric split the exhibits to different categories for showcasing technology and its impacts on the future generations. The groups featured health care, entertainment, family and community. In all sections, Pulier raised funds through corporate events and individual resources. He managed the shipment of the technology to be used for demonstration and set up. With his leadership skills, Pulier controlled the series events, including the unions, construction, networks, press conferences, staffing and power.






 Eric Pullier attended the Teaneck High School and proceeded to Harvard University for a BA. He graduated with class and honor in 1988. While pursuing his college career, Eric majored in English and Literature, Visual and Ecological Studies as well as Science. He published a book called PulierLeg. It was featured in the Harvard weekly column. In addition to his works as an author in school, he was an editor for the Crimson Weekly. The weekly column of Harvard School became the student’s favorite column due to Eric’s resilience and passion in participation. Eric remains a role model to young men in school and entrepreneurial world.



Stem cell research is becoming a larger field as time passes. According to, researchers and doctors are still learning about different ways to use stem cells to treat different diseases. Stem cell treatment can be used to treat lung diseases. The growing body of research within the stem cell field is being shared among doctors worldwide. Stem cell therapy applies largely to degenerative diseases that affect neurons. It is now being more broadly studied.

Stem cells serve a unique function because they are able to form any kind of tissue that the human body needs. Stem cells possess a fairly different characteristic in biology called plasticity. They can be used to regenerate parts of the body. Stem cells can regenerate parts of lungs that have been damaged. They may be used to treat cells of lungs that have been damaged by the body. A piece of tissue that has been cut off can only be repaired by the body to a certain extent. Excessive damage stops the genetic material from completely repairing itself.

The Lung Institute focuses heavily on stem cell treatment for lung disease. They treat diseases like interstitial lung disease and emphysema. The Lung institute knows that lung disease can be an extremely debilitating condition. It can make normal life functions seem almost impossible. They take a more unique approach to healing lung disease because they try to find cures for the disease itself.

The treatment process is relatively simple. The Lung Institute takes a sample of blood or bone marrow from the patient’s own body. It separates the stem cells from the other cells within the sample. It then returns those stem cells into the patient’s bloodstream. This allows the stem cells to use their plasticity function to heal the damaged parts of the lungs.

This form of stem cell treatment will likely catch on more as time goes by. Stem cell research could eventually drastically improve human lifespans. The ability to completely regenerate dead tissue is something that scientists could only dream about 100 years ago. Patients that are looking to remedy their disease in an effective way should definitely look into these emerging forms of stem cell treatment. A more detailed info about stem cell and the Lung Institute an be found at

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