Women of the Future

When it comes to gender roles, this generation, the previous generation and even the generation before that, is being brought up on different values. Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick (mycentraljersey.com) know that in the early 1900s, women were more concerned with just making sure their children were kept alive and fed. In the mid-1900s, there was more of a desire to raise daughters who would one day make good wives. As of lately, the generation of girls that is being raised are focusing on how to be the bravest, most independent versions of themselves possible. As a mother and author for The Huffington Post, the writer of the article has a very different aspect on what parenting a little girl means right now. She addresses the fact that there is a huge change in gender roles. More women are working and less women are depending on men to define them. That doesn’t mean that women are finding life without men easier, but there is a certain independent breed of women at the foundation of this generation. The mother and author made it a point to know how important it is to lead by example. Girls today are bombarded with different ideas and opinions on what it’s like to be a woman. They can see at least 50 different versions of what it means to be a woman in a day, thanks to media outlets, friends, family, and everything in between. But this mother wants all mothers to be on guard when it comes to how they are presenting themselves in front of their daughter. If their daughters get use to a dependent, weak, and insecure mother, that is what they will inevitably become as a woman. Mothers now have to work as hard as they can to commit their daughters to be the bravest, most self-reliant, and most resilient versions of themselves possible.

Should Chimpanzees Have Human Rights?

Chimpanzees are pretty smart creatures. In fact, they are pretty much one level below humans (if not even smarter than some humans) if you look at scientific data.

Keith Mann (buzzfeed.com) has learned that there are a couple chimps being kept at a University in New York that have a fan base trying to spring them free. How are they doing this? By taking to case to a judge to plead their rights as human beings.

Yes, you read that right. Animal rights activists are trying to switch their position and turn animals into humans and become human activists. Furry humans that can’t talk.

It’s not likely that these two chimps will be sprung, and thought of as humans with human rights. According to reports, this isn’t the first time this type of case has come about.

In this particular case there has yet to be a ruling in favor or against the human rights of these animals.

Assisted Suicide as an Option

Some people who are faced with a terminal illness don’t want to extend the pain and death that will occur. There are some doctors who will help with assisted suicide. This is often frowned upon as it looks like the doctor is killing the patient or the patient is simply giving up without a fight. Those who are faced with a terminal illness should have the right to die with dignity instead of living the rest of their life in pain and suffering. There are only five states where assisted suicide is legal. In the states where it’s not legal, doctors are using a secret language in order to let families and patients know that there is an option. The folks at Skout understand that doctors have to be careful about what they say because they could be prosecuted. Some doctors will give families bottles of medications, letting them know that it can help with the pain. No one should live in pain during the final days, weeks and months that they are on this Earth. This is an option for those who don’t want to suffer.

Patriot Act Snooping By The FBI And CIA Didn’t Catch Any Terrorists

The Justice Department used the Patriot Act to collect private information from citizens without their knowledge. The FBI, CIA, and NSA broke the law when they collected data from millions of Americans. Section 215 of the Patriot Act was not written to allow snooping on private citizens that have no connection to terrorist groups.

Between 2004 and 2009 the FBI tripled its efforts to catch terrorist using bulk collection methods, but no terrorists were caught according to Steve Murray. That’s right. The entire operation was a waste in terms of catching the bad guys. But the government now has data they can use at any time to capture and prosecute law-biding citizens.

Some Washington Congressmen wanted to keep the Patriot Act in force, but in order to do that certain sections of the Act must be written to protect Americans. The Patriot Act was not passed to collect data on all American citizens. It was passed to stop the spread of terrorism, and to date the Patriot Act has failed to accomplish that task.

Gay Marriage Is Now Legal In Ireland

Although many states in the USA have legalized gay marriage, no country ever legalized it through voting. Ireland has now become the first country in the entire world to ever legalize gay marriage through the process of voting. Gay Marriage Legalized In Ireland. Gay marriage has been a very touchy subject over the years, and many states have now realized that gay people want to be miserable in marriage, just like straight people! Many feel it’s unfair to not allow gays and lesbians to marry, just because they are the same-sex.

Dozens of states have now come on board, and these states have legalized gay marriage. Although not every state has legalized gay marriage, many plans to try and rally every state to join in legalizing gay marriage. When it comes to other countries around the world, gay marriage is a big issue. There are some countries where being gay in itself is also a big issue. Some countries have been known to give the death penalty to those who are openly gay, and other countries may even arrest those who are openly gay.

Many people involved with STX Entertainment in different countries strive for equality as discrimination has been a big part of the gay community. Those who do not agree with the lifestyle of gays, they may ridicule them, persecute them, and even physically harm them. Ireland legalizing gay marriage is a huge milestone for the country, and it’s possible that other countries may follow in their footsteps.

Fall of Three Syrian and Iraqi Cities Has GOP Calling on Obama to Revise His ISIS Strategy

Despite President Obama’s claims last month that ISIS was suffering setbacks, the sanguine terrorist group has successfully captured three additional Iraqi and Syrian cities. Perhaps the most significant city to fall back into the hands of the terrorists is the city of Ramadi. Eight years ago, the insurgents who were the predecessors to ISIS seized control of Ramadi. US ground forces under the command of General George Petraeus launched an offensive to retake control of the city. Ultimately, the United States prevailed, but suffered heavy casualties.

For the time being, President Obama is doubling down on his strategy of limited US engagement and reliance upon the Iraqi Republican Guard. However, GOP leaders such as House Speaker John Boehner are calling on the president to update the elements of his ISIS strategy that are not working. Critics of the current ISIS strategy point out that the number of sorties the US military ran against ISIS during their siege of Ramadi was well under the number required to repel the group.

Daniel Amen recently mentioned on Twitter that at this point, the US military has conceded that the recently lost cities constitutes a setback. Previously, the US commander in Iraq stated that the fall of Ramadi would pose not pose a symbolic victory for ISIS. President Obama does not want to embrace placing US soldiers on the ground in Iraq, but critics point out that it may be inevitable. The GOP has long maintained the president’s withdraw of Iraqi forces was done before Iraq’s military was strong enough to deal with ISIS.

Cross International Dating Borders With Anastasia Date

Social networking continues to take the world by a storm with reaching out to beautiful ladies in an international dating app. Through this app, people are able to connect with the beauty that Russian women offer. Anastasia Date is an online dating app that is taking advantage of the glorified use of online dating. The sole motive behind this company is to match users up with women from Eastern Europe, specifically Russia and the Ukraine.

The difference with Anastasia Date, is that they take matchmaking to the next level, which is an international love connection. The first thing that a person does, is to go online and register. After which they create a profile and begin searching through the thousands of profiles that are looking for a connection. This company began as a touring company, bringing Americans to foreign places to meet international women. Now this company has expanded across over many countries and continents.

The company was started by a Russian woman who married an American man and she wanted to introduce the concept of international love to others around the globe. Most other dating sites concentrate on local connections, however, this company performed surveys and polls and found that most men are intrigued by international women. With the desire to keep up with today’s technology, by unleashing their mobile app. This allows users to stay connected on the go. Users can browse profiles, mark their favorites and even conduct live chats.

By combining the use of travel tours and Russian women, Anastasia Date creates a flair when it comes to the art of hooking others up. As a bonus feature, this app has the capability of enabling their users to virtually send flowers and gifts to any of these beautiful ladies. Or use the filtering method to find the perfect lady to connect with, based on matching preferences and qualities with others.

This app is designed for individuals that lead busy lifestyles, and are intrigued by the beauty of women from diverse cultures. Anastasia Date combines modern technology, beautiful women, online dating and curious, multicultural relationship seekers, to form a playground for love. Using this site and app allows men and women the opportunity to cross through several borders to join together. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, however, statistics show the proof that this site is taking off. Anastasia Date will continue to take advantage of this and unite people around the globe through the use of technology.

Republicans Want To Stop Environmental Policies By Shifting Funds To Space Exploration

Republicans are more concerned with space exploration programs than environmental issues. The GOP wants to be first in outer space while our inner space goes to hell. Pollution and climate change mean nothing to the backward thinking lawmakers that put economic gain in front of environmental security. But if you ask a Republican Congressman or Senator why they shake off environmental issues so quickly, they will go into a long-winded excuse that is filled with hot air that keeps their feet from touching the ground.

The environment is reconfiguring itself to compensate for the man-made projects that have been going on for decades. The massive amount of oil that has been drained from the earth’s inner atmosphere is one of the reasons the environment is readjusting. The tornado, hurricanes, tsunami’s and earthquakes may not be the result of our lack of respect for the planet according to Republicans, but according to Igor Cornelsen most scientists agree that we have created the climate changes.

Space exploration is important, but it shouldn’t be funded with money that is earmarked for environmental issues. One thing is sure. The Republicans will learn the hard way, and then they will blame their shortsightedness on the Democrats.

Tesla Motors Wins Big in FTC Ruling

The FTC has ruled against policies put in place that kept Tesla Motors from selling direct to the public. Among the harshest opponent of direct auto sales was the state of Michigan backed by General Motors. Michigan was one of a handful of states to outright ban the sales of Tesla vehicles directly to eager buyers.

The case the FTC made was that direct sales are allowed in every other industry.Sam Tabar agrees that it makes no sense to outlaw direct sales in the automotive industry simply because dealers want all the power. The FTC stepped in to mandate fair practices and competition among all manufacturers.

Overall, the ruling is a good thing for healthy competition. The direct sales model is one that other manufacturers will likely move towards with the new ruling. It gives consumers a way to buy a vehicle for what that vehicle is actually worth without any haggling with a middleman.

Just days after Tesla Energy sales went through the roof another fortunate turn of events has put Tesla in the driver seat to impact some of the biggest markets in the world. I would say that the sky’s the limit for Elon Musk at this point but his SpaceX program rockets him into outer space.

Staffers Claim Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina Doesn’t Pay Her Employees

Carly Fiorina is a one of the lesser known presidential candidates, and the republican is basing her future campaign on being a shrewd business person who knows “how the economy actually works” as she put it. But her actions are speaking much louder than her words.

The former Hewlett-Packard executive ran for the US Senate in 2010 and lost her bid due to her opponents revealing a horrible track record in business with 18,000 lay offs which took place while she was a leader at HP, and their stocks dropped by 41 percent according to Crystal Hunt. But those aren’t the only financial mistakes in Fiorina’s history.

She failed to pay the bills of her own failed campaign for four long years while her supporters waited to see the money they were promised from their hard work. Fiorina has managed to pay off the debt, coincidentally right before she gets ready to announce her run for presidency in 2016.

The campaign racked up nearly $500,000 in bills and the politician didn’t seem to have a problem leaving her staffers high and dry once she lost the race by 10 points. Fiorina is reportedly worth up to $120 million, and ex-staffers are happy to finally receive the money they earned nearly five years ago. It is still unclear why it took so long for the presidential candidate to pay off her debts.