A man with a diverse background, Jose Manuel Gonzales, is currently the deputy to the National Assembly in Guárico State. Previously, Gonzales was an agricultural businessman and also held the position of president of FEDECAMARAS. He was well known for the quality of service he performed in the area of public service from two completely different but complimentary professions. He is an entrepreneur now moving on to the world of politics.

Jose Manuel Gonzales feels there is a very precarious situation regarding Guárico agriculture. Farmers stopped producing 500,000 tons of rice and 300 thousand tons of corn, as there was no outlet for foreign exchange. Farmers faced a uncertain future in that no one could provide guaranteed sales for the crops being produced. Assembly could offer no solutions and with a closed-door policy, there was no one to hear concerns. He predicts the bleak outlook for foreign exchange will lead to food shortages in his country.

Having moments of frustration in the National Assembly, Jose Manuel Gonzales still feels the overall experience has been invaluable. Being a full-time deputy, he attends meetings and interacts in communities. He feels good about the relationship he has developed with his constituents and he has earned the respect of the caucuses. Through his statements, he has convinced the public of his belief in improving the national interest. Gonzales refuses to take the course of a politician as he believes that politics have caused the country to fall into populist discourse. He has no enemies in the National Assembly and is careful to keep balance on both sides of the situation as interests often intersect one another.

Gonzales believes the only way to solve the country’s problems in through a national agreement. This agreement should be one the country feels good about and takes into account the responsibility owed to future generations. He feels Parliament is the ideal platform to launch this agreement. The spirit of the agreement should be to stop the current crisis immediately and ensure proper governance of the country. The main goals should be peace and economic growth.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a successful entrepreneur investor from New York City, New York. It takes a special kind of finesse in order to make it in the Big Apple, which is exactly what Danilo Diaz Granados displays in character and professional skill. Danilo has an extensive experience and educational background that shows a true sense of well rounded character.

Not only does Danilo’s character show with a profound professional background, it is also apparent with side interests in things like sports and entertainment. With regards to the educational experience, Granados graduated from Babson College. Babson College is a private business school located in a town in Greater Boston, known as Wellesley Massachusetts. Babson College is known for entrepreneurship education, which definitely had a profound effect on Danilo’s success in regards to business and management. For instance, Danilo Diaz Granados has been the Co Founder of Toys For Boys Miami, LLC since 2013. Toys For Boys is known for providing Miami’s elite clientele with the enjoyment of one of a kind exotic artifacts, as the first of its kind luxury boutique in the region. Before this, Danilo Diaz Granados was (and still is) a manager for Movilway. Movilway is a provider of systems of payment for prepaid mobile phones while addressing the fiscal necessities of users without bank accounts. This colorful range of background and experience paints an interesting picture of who Danilo Diaz Granados is as a person and as a professional. Due to diversity of experience and a well rounded sense of character, it is apparent that Danilo is a consummate professional.

Everybody knows that Wengie knows a thing or two about dieting, skin care, and makeup, but who knew that the fashion guru could also dance? Well, her vlogs have depicted this skill a time or two, but her “Dance Battle Part Two, featuring Eden Ang and Step Studios One Dance” video certainly highlighted that Wengie not only knows how to dance, but absolutely loves to do it, too!

A compilation of popular music set the scene for what looked like a great time. As Meghan Trainor blasted in the background, three talented dancers took to the floor–Wengie stole the show, of course! A few breaks were taken to finalize and perfect technique, and to share a few laughs as well. Aside from showing her fans that exercise is as fun as it is practical, Wengie used this moment as an opportunity for a fashion show, too.

Showing off her perfectly toned tummy, Wengie wore a gray crop top, black sweatpants, and black sneakers; her hair was in a perfectly messy ponytail. As the blogger demonstrated to her audience the importance of staying active, viewers could not help but wonder if another stellar skincare tutorial would be in their future that teaches them how to cleanse after an intense workout. One thing is always for certain, though, and that is that Wengie looks flawless in basically everything that she does, and fans from around the world are thankful for an icon that promotes a healthy, humorous lifestyle that is very relatable and enjoyable to watch.


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In the Lake Tahoe area, winter snowfall tends to be light and powdery. Also, given the region’s high elevations of 6,000-10,000 feet, there’s quite a lot of it. Many parts of the region have annual snowfall averages exceeding 400 inches a year! That means there are plenty of great powder days for skiers. One part of the Lake Tahoe area that is exceptionally popular amongst skiers is the Olympic Valley.

There are two large resorts in the area, and these resorts attract a large number of people each year. Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are regarded as among the best ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe region, and they are thought of by many people as among the best ski resorts in the entire country. Now, these two excellent ski resorts at squawalpine.com may be connected to one another. This is expected to create an exceptionally large ski resort, and it will be either the biggest or second biggest ski area in all of North America. For those who go to this resort, it will be very easy to travel in between the mountains. A gondola will be available to transport skiers in between the two mountains very quickly and conveniently.

Currently, both of the resorts are excellent places to ski. Squaw Valley is very well known amongst skiers, and it has been used as the site for many Olympic events. The mountain is quite sizable, and the elevation of the summit extends to more than 9,000 feet. The base is located at 6,200 feet. This gives the mountain a vertical drop coming close to 3,000 feet. This is an exceptionally large vertical drop, and it sets the resort apart from many other mountains. In addition, the lodging and amenities for those staying at Squaw Valley are excellent. There are many great options for dining. Furthermore, there is even a swimming pool. Unlike many mountains, the village is not located at the base. Instead, it is located at an elevation of around 8,000 feet. This leads to very stunning views from the village at Squaw Valley.

Alpine Meadows also is a great place to ski. While the vertical drop isn’t quite as large, it is still sizable. The vertical drop at Alpine Meadows comes very close to 2,000 feet. However, Alpine Meadows makes up for the lower vertical drop with thinner crowds. In addition, there are many excellent snow bowls at Alpine Meadows.

When it comes to hair care products, it can be a little difficult to choose one that’s right for you. At first you feel overwhelmed with all the options out there. Over time, however, it becomes clear that despite all the hype, one hair product is just about the same as the next. They all claim to “boost shine” “promote manageability” or “moisturize without weighing down” but after trying brand after brand you’re left with nothing but fried hair and disappointment.

WEN hair completely does away with the shampoo, condition, rinse, and style concept. Where is it written that in order to have a good hair day you must be a slave to that regimen? This sephora marketed product does it all in one easy step. The lather in traditional shampoo strips your hair of natural oils, oils it needs to keep it healthy. No wonder the average person’s hair is full of dead ends!

In this article by Bustle, a woman with thin hair uses Wen for a week straight, chronicling her results [http://www.wen.com/before-after.html] through a detailed “hair journal” and daily pictures. She was concerned at first at the amount the instructions told her to use. With traditional conditioners, more product means weighing down your hair, making it look dull and dirty. To her surprise, her hair was soft, bouncy, and full of health. Instead of sitting on top of the follicle, Wen penetrates the hair shaft, nourishing it from the inside out. By the end of the week she becomes a Wen hair believer.

Why not try it out for yourself? Buy a bottle from Amazon. With a 60 day money back guarantee, what do you have to lose? They’re so confident you’ll love it, that they promise they’ll refund your money even if the bottle is completely empty! Long live your luscious locks!

Publicity is important for any business because it is one of the ways that most people come to know about it. Individuals and firms should manage both positive and negative publicity to create a good image. Employees have lost their jobs due to pictures and posts that were uploaded on Facebook. A business needs to keep on building a positive reputation to attract more customers and cope with the competition. The social media platforms and review websites such as Glassdoor and Yelp can help the business gain a 5-star reputation within a very short time. However, a negative comment or review can suddenly ruin exemplary reputation. Therefore, a business that needs a solid positive reputation will have to rely on an Online Reputation Management (ORM).

ORM can promote and protect a brand, prevent and fix any public relation disasters that the business might be facing. Most companies have found themselves dealing with the challenge of a customer who was not satisfied with the services of the firm, or even an employee who left the company bitter. These comments and reviews can taint the image of the business. Hence, it is necessary for a firm to use an ORM to protect, build and restore the brand’s image.
An ORM should offer the following four services:
Search engine optimization and management
Content development and management
Social media management
Third-party website monitoring

Search engine optimization and management deals with the ranking of a website to the top results of search engines such as Google and Bing. It is done through development and controlling of the content uploaded on the internet. ORM also manages anything posted on the social media platforms concerning the company. Therefore, it becomes easier to respond to the negative comments. The ORM also monitors websites and blogs that contain negative details posted by a third party. Hence, a business must choose the best ORM for the business.

Better Reputation is the best ORM that anyone can choose to use. It is mostly recommended for new and young businesses. These firms need exposure to the potential customers, which is easily accomplished by Better Reputation. It can also be used to protect the business against attacks and also to sustain a good reputation. Therefore, maintaining a positive image of the business that attracts more customers.




A new communication platform ClassDojo helps teachers, parents, and students with a unique connection, granting empowerment and Ground-up change. This new research on the power of growth mindsets is geared to change student perceptions of their learning potential, by instilling within the student that their minds are malleable, and that their abilities are limitless, students then welcome learning as a challenge they are willing to embrace. To help provide resources, Educational-Technical company ClassDojo is teaming up with Stanford’s (PERT) center, to make five new videos on growth mindset featuring characters students already know and love.

“The scope of this study goes beyond just these videos. We really are going to try to understand what teachers are doing on a day to day basis,” – Dave Paunesku – PERTS executive director.

ClassDojo is implemented and used by teachers in half of U.S. schools, as well as 180 other countries. A big goal of the new collaboration is to determine which new strategies may work, and which are already working. These videos will be released one by one for five consecutive weeks they are complemented with discussion guides to help teachers with discussion after the videos, these videos build upon each other in sequence.

“I use it to recognize and acknowledge positive behavior in the classroom,” – Jennifer Ellison – computer teacher at Phillips Elementary in Napa, California.

ClassDojo hopes to see their comprehensive video library in 2 in 3 schools across the U.S. and the world, to assist in Creating community, and in creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

“But I also use it for community building.”  – Jennifer Ellison

Ellison often tells her students stories about her and her sister growing up, how her sister always got the math problems right on the first try but she had to struggle to learn, this helps her students relate to her and the helps drive the focus of the video series. She states there is a general feeling of inadequacy with many students, then explains everybody’s mind is capable of bigger changes. ClassDojo executives remarked that 8,000 messages are exchanged between parents and teachers on the platform every minute, and they are confident the new video series will be well received.


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Information About Fabletics:

Fabletics got it’s start several years ago, and it was founded by a group of several different individuals. This company is expected to continue to grow over the course of time. The vast majority of Fabletics’ business takes place through the internet, but there is also a significant segment of the business that takes place through their in person stores. One of the people that helped to found the company was Kate Hudson. In addition to Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg also worked on founding the company. Fabletics is part of a larger company, called JustFab. There are some other branches of JustFab, in addition to Fabletics. These other branches are ShoeDazzle and FabKids. These two branches of JustFab have also been very successful. The success of the larger company has been helpful to the success of Fabletics.

It is very easy to go on the Fabletics website to sign up for the clothing of the month club. When you sign up for the clothing of the month club, it is possible to specify what type of clothing you are looking for. You can choose to receive clothing that fit a number of different parameters. The price is also very low to get clothing from Fabletics, as it is only $49.95 a month to sign up. When you sign up for Fabeltics, you can take time off from your membership. In fact, unlike some clothing of the month clubs, it’s possible to suspend your membership. Furthermore, it is possible to get clothing from a small number of stores that Fabletics has. See: http://www.fabletics.com/the-summer-refresh.htm

Summary Of An Article From Marie Claire Magazine:

Now, Fabletics has come out with a new line of clothing. Athleisure is designed for both comfort and style. It also is well suited to various types of activity. While it probably isn’t the best thing to wear for high intensity exercise, it is great for walking and other forms of light activity.

Athleisure has a line of dresses, and they are quite stylish for going out. However, unlike many dresses, they are very comfortable to wear. They are also very easy to get on, and this makes it very easy to get ready to go out. However, there also are swimsuits that are part of the Athleisure line. The bathing suits are obviously primarily designed for swimming. However, unlike some other types of swimsuits, you can wear their swimsuits for other purposes.

There are some unique features to the dresses that are made by Athleisure. Some of their dresses also contain a bra, and this makes them especially convenient. Furthermore, these dresses are also quite affordable. The Athleisure line also eliminates the need to wear spanx.
 Full interview at http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/

Taking time to plan on investing and prepare for retirement is important. The U.S News and World report notes that it would take about 75 percent of an average American’s pre-retirement income to maintain their present level of comfort. Sam Tabar offers some tips on how to successfully save for retirement.

He is an Oxford University graduate and a preeminent capital strategist. He is also an attorney. Sam Tabar attended the Coliumbia Law School. Formerly, he was the director of capital strategy for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He headed its Asia-Pacific operations. Sam Tabar has in numerous occasions counseled clients on matters relating to hedge funds and investments. He has done that at premier law firms in New York City like Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom in addition to Schulte Roth & Zabel. He is well experienced in making money and saving.

Commodity investment is one particular area that Sam Tabar understands well. However, he cautions prospective investors to know its challenges before they trade in commodities. Therefore, it needs more research before investment. That is due to their volatility and fluctuations in prices. Sam Tabar emphasizes on effective diversification of the commodity portfolios. He advises that investors should not over invest in one hot commodity.

Additionally, investing for retirement is not all about hitting the trading floor. One excellent way of generating capital is by investing in a socially conscious startup. Sam Tabar has used this method and invested in THINX. It is a firm that manufactures fashionable panties that women can dress in during their menstrual cycle. For each pair sold by the firm, seven sanitary pads are given via AFRIpads to women in African countries. THINX has empowered many young women by enabling them attend school continuously.

Investing in social startups and commodity trading are two of the numerous ways Americans can save for retirement. Depending on the investment method a person chooses, Sam Tabar emphasizes the most critical investment is the initial one. Therefore, saving for retirement like any other plan starts with the single step. This information was originally reported on the examiner.com as found via this link http://www.examiner.com/article/investing-the-sam-tabar-way

My dog Ashford is a pug and due to the fact that he is so small, he can only eat dog food that is made for small dog breeds. Ashford eats Beneful dog food by Purinastore because they not only have multiple types of dog foods for small dog breeds but they also have very important ingredients in their dog food that are essential for all dog breeds. Ashford is a very stubborn dog who is sometimes really quiet and sometimes very loud. Ashford sleeps for most of the day but if he sees another dog outside through the window he will let out a fierce and loud bark that goes on for quite a long time. Sometimes I have a really hard time getting Ashford to stop barking but usually, if I offer him a Beneful treat he will stop. The type of Beneful dog treats I buy for Ashford is Beneful baked delights heartfuls and baked delights hugs. Beneful dog treats are just the perfect size for Ashford to be able to eat them without having any problems. The two types of Beneful dog foods that I buy on Amazon for Ashford are Beneful incredibites in the chicken flavor and Beneful incredibites in the beef flavor. I love that Beneful has many different types of dog food for small breed dogs. Beneful not only offers dog food for small dogs in a dry dog food version but also in a wet dog version. There is no doubt in my mind that Ashford is one of the healthiest pugs out there just due to the simple fact that he eats Beneful each and every single day instead of a junky dog food brand that doesn’t have a wide array of healthy ingredients in it like Beneful does. If you have a smaller breed dog and are considering purchasing Beneful for your dog you should because I definitely don’t regret my decision in fact I am very glad I took the leap and decided to buy Beneful for Ashford because now I know for a fact that he is healthy and happy. Also, thanks to Beneful dog treats I haven’t had to stop him from barking nearly as much. Now he knows if he sees a dog outside if he doesn’t bark he will get a treat so he now won’t bark most of the time.

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