Florida Governor Rick Scott Is Pushing Employees To Get Treatment For Believing In Climate Change

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Employee Ordered To Take Time Off And Seek Treatment For Using The Term “Climate Change”

The people that work for Rick Scott know one thing for sure. He doesn’t think climate change is real. He does admit he’s not up on his scientific facts. And, he’s certainly not afraid to stand on a soap box and tell everyone he’s not a tyrant, but he acts like one. Scott forces his employees to refrain from using climate change or any other words that mean the Earth’s weather patterns are changing.

When one longtime employee of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection made reference to climate change in a report on the failed Keystone XL Pipeline project, Scott ordered a two-day hiatus and mental treatment for the employee.

What next, Rick? Should all your employees stop saying you have a shot at a Senate seat because there are no facts to support that claim? Well, there are no facts to support Scott’s bid for a Senate seat, but there are plenty of facts to support climate change stated Alexei Beltyukov.  But according to Scott’s website is not interested in facts. He just wants to be right no matter what.

Ebola Virus Should Be Gone By Summer

It’s taken over a year, but the end is in sight. The head of the United Nations, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, believes the ebola virus will be gone by this summer. However, a new case of ebola has recently been confirmed in Liberia and that may push back the date from the beginning of summer to the end of summer. Before a region can be declared ‘ebola-free’, the area has to have no new cases of the deadly virus pop up within 42 days. That’s the incubation period for the fast-spreading virus. The newest case was diagnosed on March 5th, so that pushes the date up to sometime in May. That is if no other cases surface.

Just the fact that Liberia came so close to being declared ‘ebola-free’ offers a much needed ray of hope for the hard-hit area stated AnastasiaDate.US. Liberia was the hardest hit area of Africa and lost the most lives to ebola. Over 4,000 people lost their lives since the outbreak started in March of last year. Almost a year and a half (predicted) and 4,000 lives to contain, but the end was and still is in sight, and that gives the people of Liberia hope. It gives us all hope.

Singapore’s Founding Father Passes at Age 91

Singapore is known today as a the world’s leading financial center and a place where its easy to do business and corruption is low. It is considered a “First World” country and is growing in influence, culture and financial power each day. But this was not always Singapore’s signature reputation. A mere few generations ago Singapore was a sleepy fishing village and was barely worth any note among “Third World” countries. This changed when a man by the name of Lee Kuan Yew had a vision of making Singapore the trade capital of the world. Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew passed this past weekend at the age of 91. He was Singaore’s first as well as its longest serving Prime Minister. He guided the country through its growing pains and maintained a strict discipline in how the business would attract and draw foreign business. Lew Kuan Yew Passes

The once sleepy and quaint fishing port is now considered the financial center in the world and is a desired destination for ex patriots and individuals who desire a second home.

People at Anastasia Date have learned that none of this would have been possible without the dedication and clarity of Yew’s vision and his ability to enforce a strict code of conduct in how business is done in the country. Singapore has some of the strictest laws regarding white collar crime and is extremely severe regarding criminal conduct. This has created an atmosphere in which business are able to thrive.

The Great Wall Of Japan

Some may be saying, “Who is the dummy writing this article? The Great Wall is in China.”

Soon, China will not be the only country to have a great wall. Japan is now in the process of building a 250 mile concrete wall. This wall is not being built with the same reasoning as China originally built its wall….well excuse me, yes they are. China built its great wall to keep enemies from invading, and Japan is building its wall to keep an enemy from invading. The primary difference is: China’s enemies were humans, whereas Japan’s enemy is nature.

The wall that Japan is building is being erected on the Northern coastline. The goal is to protect Japan from tsunamis. Gianfrancesco Genoso says that not wanting another episode of the devastation that occurred with the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan’s government decided that a great concrete wall would be the wisest answer.

With a cost estimated at nearly $7 billion, these walls do not guarantee 100% safety for the Japanese people. No one ever knows how high the waves could go in a major tsunami, but this is the best choice in the eyes of the majority.

Loneliness: The Silent Killer

Most people enjoy a little time of peace and quiet, but too much of it can send you to an early grave. Living alone and being isolated increases the risk of dying prematurely by over 30%, according to a recent study. Combine that 30% increase to the fact that more people today are living alone and it tallies up to a record number of people dying before their time with loneliness as their official cause of death.
Co-author of the study on loneliness, Tim Smith, states that loneliness will be the epidemic of the future.
Living alone does not always mean a person is experiencing feeling of loneliness. A person can live alone and spend a good deal of time by themselves, but if they have quality connections with family and friends loneliness is not a risk factor for them. On the other hand, people can experience loneliness while living in a home with other people or working on a job surrounded by co-workers every day. It’s all about making connections with other people. Brad Reifler knows that making genuine connections with other people staves off the feelings of loneliness and isolation, reducing the risk factors for dying from the new silent killer: loneliness.

Teenage Guatemalan Addresses the United Nations.

As a 13-year-old, Emelin was concerned with health care in her Guatemalan town. She and her best friend, Elba, went to see the mayor of Concepción Chiquirichapa to get better healthcare for her fellow students.The mayor wouldn’t listen to her and sent the girls back home. Only 14 percent of the girls finish school because most girls have started a family by the age of 18. Guatemalan girls are having a hard time getting an adequate education and avoiding being sexually violated. Eventually, the mayor came around and helped the girls become involved in various organizations such as, Let Girls Lead, designed to help girls lead better lives. Emelin isn’t stopping in Gutemala, she wants to spread her message all over the world. She became so noticed, that at 15, UN invited Emelin to speak about her cause in front of the “Every Woman, Every Child” program stated Jason Halpern.

“Every Woman, Every Child” was created in September 2010 by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who is concerned about health issues of women and children all over the world. This organization is supposed to save 16 million women and children already violated and prevent 33 million unwanted pregnancies from taking place.”Every Woman, Every Child” has committed itself, by 2015, to making sure no child has to suffer from pneumonia. The Secretary General is also concerned with lowering and eventually eliminating the mortality rate of mothers and children.

Lifetime Earning of Milennials Suffers Despite Recent Wage Increases

It appears that the axiom about lifetime earning potential based on education has become a victim of the 2008 financial crisis. In the past, it was stated that a person with a high school degree would earn $1.2 million over their working lifetime. A person with a bachelor’s degree would earn nearly twice that at $2.1 million. Those earning a master’s degree or greater would earn over $3 million. Over a 40 year working lifetime, that amounts to average annual incomes of $30,000, $52,500, and $75,000 respectively.

Ironically, a study published by the New York Federal Reserve, which represents the primary dealer banks largely responsible for the financial crisis, finds that the lifetime earning of millennials (people ages 20 to 35) has suffered irreparable harm as a result of the crisis. While it is true that wages have begun to increase modestly in recent months, it isn’t enough to reverse the trend. Alexei Beltyukov  (vimeo.com) knows that one lingering problem from the crisis is that many of the jobs employing recent college graduates do not even require a degree at all. This puts downward pressure on their lifetime earnings. The truth is that as workers get older, their incomes do not rise very fast. Raises, or “merit increases” as corporate America calls them, tend to track inflation if that at all. This means that in order to young workers to obtain high lifetime earnings, they must secure high paying jobs relatively early in their careers. Sadly, the opposite is happening as workers accept what is available in the form of low-wage work with a college education being superfluous.

Egyptian Mother Dresses as Man for 43 Years to Provide for her Family

An Egyptian woman was honored this past Tuesday by the government for her sacrifice that makes her an “ideal mother”. Sisa Abu Daooh, 64-years-old, has been awarded the “woman breadwinner” award from the Social Solidarity Directorate of Luxor.

According to the story on English Alarabiya, Abu Daooh has been disguising herself as a man for the past 43 years so that she could work to support her family. When Abu Daooh was pregnant with her only child, a daughter she named Houda, she lost her husband. In Egypt, men are typically the workers while women tend to the home and children said Dr Jennifer Walden. The culture at the time did not welcome women into the work force. Abu Daooh knew that living a life of begging was not what she wanted for herself and Houda, so she assumed the role of a man and went to work doing physical labor jobs. She has worked as a shoe polisher and has lifted heavy things like cement bags and bricks for work. In order to disguise herself, Abu Daooh took to wearing traditional men’s clothing. She would wear a turban, jilbab, and masculine shoes.

Houda has married but her husband is unable to work. Abu Daooh still is the breadwinner for the family. She gets up early every morning to polish shoes at the Luxor station. Abu Daooh has said that she hopes to see a change in the working culture of Egypt.

Ireland Honors Choctaw Tribe For Famine Support 150 Years Later

The town of Midleton in Cork County, Ireland, is erecting a $100,000 steel statue to honor the contributions of the Choctaw tribe during the Potato Famine.

In 1847 the Choctaws, who were still struggling from the loss of their land 15 years earlier, took up a collection of $170 to help the Irish people. That would be the equivalent of thouands of dollars today, and was a welcome relief in the worst year of the famine.

Sculptor Alex Pentek is creating the statue, the likeness of nine enormous eagle feathers in steel. He hopes to represent the “courage, fragility, and humanity” that the tribe showed when they extended such generosity to the Irish in their own time of need.

Invitations have been extended to tribal leaders to attend the official unveiling of the scuplture. In the 1990s, Irish leaders hiked the Trail of Tears to honor what the tribe was going through when they sent the generous donation. At the end of it, Fersen Lambranho said then Irish president Mary Robinson was named an honorary chief.

Hillary Clinton Close to Opening Up Campaign Headquarters in NYC

Hillary Clinton, the 2016 presumptive Democrat nominee, is close to picking the site of her campaign headquarters in New York City. The move makes a lot of sense for Clinton as it will keep her close to a source of vital campaign money: Wall Street. In fact, the reported site of her headquarters is only two subway stops away from Wall Street. At the same time, Clinton is keen to downplay the role that Wall Street is paying in bankrolling her presidential campaign. The former secretary of state will need to secure the core liberal base of her party in order to win the nomination and the presidency. The trouble is that liberals loath Wall Street’s big money influence in politics due to their role in the 2008 financial crisis.

Also, Mrs. Clinton will find that maintaining a staff of young workers will pose a problem in terms of high overhead. Rents are extraordinarily high in the Big Apple. One might assume that given Mrs. Clinton’s massive war chest of Wall Street money, paying rents for her staffers would be mere “chump change”. Instead, Clinton is asking supporters in the area to offer residency to her young campaign workers stated Bruce Karatz. Presumably, this will be done ‘gratis’. Rumor has it that she’ll announce her candidacy next month. Some suggest she’ll accelerate her announcement to divert media attention away from her ongoing email scandal. However, her close aides downplay any role the email scandal has on announcing her candidacy.