Jim Hunt, UK based financial advisor and the CEO of VTA publications. He has branded himself in the stock market with his capability to identify and predict market trends accurately. With the aid of his VTA Publications Company, he is currently providing tips on investments and also strategic outlines. The firm specializes in distance learning courses, and its main aim is to enlighten new investors on safe investment strategies. Jim Hunt recently launched wealth wave, where he gives strategies on how to earn money from a falling stock market. He explains to the investors that money is not lost in a declining stock market but just transfers it somewhere else. Therefore, you only need to make one life-changing trade.

Jim Hunt uses the power of social media to air his ideas as well as connect with people globally. His unique talent and prediction ability has been of great benefit when it comes to earning profits in the stock market. He believes in the provision of a simple guide that ensures that people make right choices to achieve their desired success.

The publications firm was incorporated on 3rd Dec 2012, with their physical address being in Norfolk. Since then it has been actively operational. It is a non-fiction publisher that focuses on long distance learning courses. Its information and products are enjoyed globally by a wide range of clients. Their mission is to provide digital and physical information to customers on time. It has specialized in the economics and financial fields. Additionally, it also organizes events and seminars of financial and economical nature for their clients. According to the annual returns they submitted on 31st Dec 2015, VTA Publications have got one director and no active secretaries. It also has one shareholder.

The publications company puts into practice great ideas from brains of experts like Jim. Their ideas are always made available for people and are used to build global networks. It also makes new investors realize their potential and use them maximally. VTA Publications has been able to use the successful stories of people like Jim to encourage and motivate new investor into making same achievements.


The way that today’s workplace is being run, is starting to change. As more and more individuals are going into freelancing and independent contractor positions, their office space and amenity needs are changing. But even more traditional office and cubicle businesses are looking into a new phenomena called coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are like traditional office buildings in that many have the option to rent an office room or cubicle-like area, but you can also simply just use a lounge area at either a table or sofa if that’s all you need to work at. And coworking spaces usually also come with mail service, coffee machines, snack bars, and sometimes fitness or spa centers.

One reason people choose coworking spaces as opposed to simply working at home, is that it may be more feasible to rent out an area that already has landlines installed for business use, rather than paying for a second landline installation in their own home. Also, working alongside other people can help people feel socially connected instead of lonely or isolated, and can also inspire people to work harder and not lethargically. But nobody is required to be at their coworking space every day, so if you have medical appointments, need a day to clean your house or go on a vacation, you have the full freedom to do that. And you don’t have to go to work wearing a dress shirt and tie, you can wear comfortable casual attire. Usually coworking spaces have rental options where you can rent for part-time hours each month, to full 24/7 access.

If you run your own business and are new to New York City, or simply looking to start fresh with a startup, Workville coworking space NYC just could be the place for you. This is a coworking space facility in a great location not far from Times Square or the Financial District of New York City, and it comes with just the luxuries and amenities that you need to work with. You can rent out office space, open space, use kitchen and refrigerator space, book conference rooms, reserve times for private parties and meetings, or just relax out on the terrace after hours.

We all want hair that is shiny and bouncy along with staying that way all day. Wen has certainly made this possible for her as after just one week’s time her hair has more life to it and a lot more shine. She noted it had an oily texture, but you honestly cannot tell by the pictures. Her hair looks more healthy as it is shiny and silky appearing as compared to her before picture. Her friends also noted the increased shine in her hair throughout the week.

There are many products to choose from when using WEN Hair Care and some of them include mousses, balms, oils, creams and styling spray. The most popular item used is the shampoo and conditioner in one as it provides an easy and time-consuming way to cleanse your hair along with providing it with the nutrients and conditioners it needs. Combined in one bottle, this product does not strip the hair like other commercial products and only enhances your own natural oils to give you the shine you want. Providing a leave-in conditioner throughout the day, this product makes the hair feel silky and smooth. Wen is available on Sephora cosmetics and the Amazon online store in a variety of scents. You have the choice of many different fragrances with Wen products, including apple, pomegranate, sweet honey peach, fig and many others. There is truly something everyone will love that will keep their hair smelling good all day.

Healthy and shiny hair only promotes youth and health and is the goal of everyone. When your hair looks good it boosts your self confidence. With using Wen both of these can be achieved in a process that saves you time. Having more manageable hair is an added bonus as you will spend less time trying to make your hair do what you want it do and you will have more time to do the things you need to do. Check out http://www.wenhaircare.com/ for more information.



George Soros has lived a story of rags-to-riches in a time of strife and global conflict. His nose for the economic winds is legendary. When he started becoming a bearish investor a couple of years ago, nobody seemed to really take note. But, now in the last few months, Soros has stepped up his disposition of many seemingly safe, long-term, good-bet stocks. He has consistently then turned around and reinvested most of the returns on his stock sales in both gold and in at least Gold Miner.

Soros has reported sales of most of his rather large investment shares in Delta Airlines, Endo International, Level 3 Communications, and Dow Chemical Corp. Just two of these totaled an accumulated investment of over $334 million USD. Soros reduced his stock investments across the board, totaling 37 percent of his entire investment portfolio. Read more details about Soros Buying Gold on Bloomberg.

Rumor has it that Soros is worth well over $30 billion USD. This places him up in the stratosphere with Bill Gates and other ultra rich celebrated personalities of the Earth. He seems concerned that he could lose it all, should events come to pass that he has been lecturing warnings about for the last two years. George Soros’ main warning is about the volatility of China’s markets and the ‘construction bubble’ that has inflated along with the country’s too-fast growth. Should China’s economy collapse, warned Soros, the U.S. will be thrown into a deep recession, at least as bad as that of 2007 and 2008.

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The bear emerged in a big way, when Soros bought outrageously large amounts of gold and also a gold mine. He paid directly for 1 million shares of Gold Miner through the reputable SPDR Gold Trust at http://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/30/heres-who-was-in-the-room-when-clinton-met-with-soros-at-state-dept.html. This has resulted in George Soros becoming the majority stockholder of Barrick Gold Corp. His investment totals more than $260 million USD. Analysts are tracking all changes Soros makes to his entire portfolio of investments.

George Soros came from Hungary, where he was born in 1930. This means that he was a child when Nazi Germany invaded his home fatherland and turned his life upside down. He survived, barely. Then, under the oppressive U.S.S.R. puppet communist government of Hungary in the Cold War era, he escaped. He could not take the deteriorating conditions, so he defected to the West, in England. There, he quickly distinguished himself as a gentleman and a scholar. He graduated with honors from the London School of Economics. After that, he moved to the U.S. and the rest is an amazing history. Read George Soros Biography.

When you are going to do something, it is best to do it the right way and give it your all. There is no reason to do something half way or only do it partially. When you commit to something, you have put your name on it and it has your stamp all over it. That cannot be erased. Because of that, it comes with a certain level of commitment and dedication. You can’t back out of it and you have to take it seriously. Right now, along with Sanjay Shah Denmark wife Usha, they are committing all of their attention and all of their time to Autism Rocks, which is an event that raises donations and awareness for autism.

This is something that him and his wife Usha take incredibly seriously, as they have a child with autism. Because of this, they have the experience to know what to takes when it comes to handling a child with autism. They know the challenges it presents. They aren’t just talking about something in which they have no knowledge of. Because of this, when they talk, people tend to listen and they tend to stand up and pay attention. When you have the experience to back it up, it really goes a long way toward gaining respectability and getting the word out there about this event.

Another great thing about this event is that they have had so many legendary artists perform in the past, and you have to remember that this event has only been around since 2014. In that time, they have had Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Drake in London and Dubai perform. These are names that just about everyone who knows anything about music knows. This shows that Sanjay Shah and his wife are truly committed, as I mentioned, to making this event the best possible event that it can be for everyone involved.

At the end of the day, the event is about the children, and the children have lots of things to do when they attend this event such as laser tag, crazy golf, zip line, bouncy castle, horse rides, rodeo bull, face painting, inflatable rides, barbecue and a petting zoo. Of course, no one can do this type of event on their own, so they must give thanks and props to 117 Live, a subsidiary of Al Ahli Holding for their part in making this event what it is as well.


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When it comes to skiing, no one does it better than Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe has many spectacular skiing resorts, and a lot of them are known to be the best in the world. From tons of acreage of skiing terrain to family packages, there are tons of Lake Tahoe ski resorts that perfect for you.

Some of the Best Skiing Resorts in Various Categories at Lake Tahoe

The following are the ski resorts that are ranked the crime of the crop for various reasons:

Best Ski Resort for Families in Lake Tahoe- according to Ski magazine, Northstar is the epicenter for laid back, family luxury. They provide great outdoor activities, shopping outlets, and restaurants just to name a few. A fitness center and spa are also provided.

* Best Ski Resort for Expert Skiers in Lake Tahoe- Squaw Valley is rated highly in many publications when it comes to challenging skiing. Ski Magazine says it is an extreme skier’s paradise. They are spectacular with steep and expansive terrain.

* Best Ski Resorts for Snowboarders in Lake Tahoe-
Squaw Valley and Northstar are a tie when it comes to snowboarding ranking. World Snowboard Guide and Ski Magazine rank Squaw Valley of being the best ski resort in Lake Tahoe for snowboarders, and the Van’s Pro Snowboard Invitational and USASA National Snowboarding Championships held events at Northstar at Tahoe.

* Best Ski Resort concerning Value in Lake Tahoe-
Alpine Meadows is one of the best skiing values in the US according to Ski Magazine. This makes it the top resort in Lake Tahoe for value especially for family packages and daily tickets.

* Best Ski Resort concerning the Scenery in Lake Tahoe-
Heavenly has been ranked in having the best scenery in Lake Tahoe of all their ski resorts. Ski Magazine praises its brand of high energy skiing with an uniquely big terrain mix, Vegas-style partying, and lake views.

More about the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows

There are so much to Alpine Squaw Valley that everything can’t be possibly listed here. It’s first called Alpine Squaw Valley because it’s Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley in which they both connects. This means even more terrain than ever with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort having 2400 acres of skiable terrain alone.

Squaw Valley has several lodging options, and they are open all year. They also have six mountain peaks, and a base elevation level of 6,200 feet. Their winter activities include snow tubing, dog sled tours, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and ice skating. Their summer activities include tennis club, spa, swimming lagoon, eateries, and a spa.

Wen by Chaz is known for the effectiveness of its shampoo. The Sephora marketed brand is a conditioner and shampoo in one that is supposed to help people who have frizzy and unhealthy hair. The problem is that people are going to have to make sure they try it to see how well it works.
There are some women who have problems with frizzy hair that they have never solved because they knew that their hair was not going to be easy to take care of. They will actually stop caring, and then their hair gets worse. It will shed a lot, and it will start to become so troublesome that it cannot be styled.

The styling that women have to do just to keep their hair looking nice is much easier once they have washed with Wen hair by Chaz. The Wen by Chaz product is something that women will notice stops their hair from shedding, and it stops them from having hair that is clearly unhealthy. Unhealthy hair becomes an issue because it will not get better until it has been treated with the total beauty products. The girl who did the article took pictures to show that her hair was not shedding, that it looked healthy and that it was much nicer looking.

Someone who has always had problems with their hair needs to find something that will help them with their hair in all respects. They have to make sure that they use the shampoo as much as they can, and they also have to make sure they are looking at the picture instructions in the article. Bustle.com showed that Wen by Chaz works for all women with frizzy hair, and someone who has unhealthy hair now has a solution. They can change the way they care for their hair with one shampoo.

Visit the official Wen hair website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/


Money monster is a recent film released nationwide about Wall Street and the world of financial investment. There are many handicaps to being a small investor because wall street gives special privileges to those with deeper pockets known as “accredited” investors. One of those privileges is the chance to get pass on investing in companies. Some of these opportunities are exclusive and may not ever trickle down to small investors at all. Brad Reifler is the man in charge of Forefront Capital, and for many years he helped the richest people in America deepen their pockets. However, in recent times he has decided to change his focus to helping middle-class Americans to get access to the best investment opportunities out there as well. Brad uses the movie Money Monster as a case in point of the problems the middle class investor can face while trying to profit on Wall Street.

Money Monster is about a frustrated investor named Kyle Budwell. Kyle is a fan of a tv show called “Money Monster” which gives financial advice to its audience. Kyle was a great fan of the show Kyle took its advice and bet all his money on one of the stocks it recommended to him. The bet did not pay off and so Kyle lost all his money. Enraged and desperate Kyle takes the host of the show hostage on live television and threatens to kill the host as well as himself. The personal financial disaster Kyle faces in this movie is one experienced by many mall investors each year and Brad Reifler wants to educate the public on 3 major issues that contribute to these kinds of losses.

Small investors have to pay the same management fees as large firms. This allows the stock broker to get rich even if the client loses all his money. Kyle has a big problem with this. Small investors are also not allowed to join in many hedge and private equity funds that larger investors have access to because of government regulations. Lastly, due to not being able to participate in hedge funds small investors have higher risk and suffer more when the market has a downturn. Brad Reifler runs Forefront Capital to even the score and to help smaller investors navigate problems like this so they can also succeed in the market.  Read more on Brad and his investing practices on About.me.

A man with a diverse background, Jose Manuel Gonzales, is currently the deputy to the National Assembly in Guárico State. Previously, Gonzales was an agricultural businessman and also held the position of president of FEDECAMARAS. He was well known for the quality of service he performed in the area of public service from two completely different but complimentary professions. He is an entrepreneur now moving on to the world of politics.

Jose Manuel Gonzales feels there is a very precarious situation regarding Guárico agriculture. Farmers stopped producing 500,000 tons of rice and 300 thousand tons of corn, as there was no outlet for foreign exchange. Farmers faced a uncertain future in that no one could provide guaranteed sales for the crops being produced. Assembly could offer no solutions and with a closed-door policy, there was no one to hear concerns. He predicts the bleak outlook for foreign exchange will lead to food shortages in his country.

Having moments of frustration in the National Assembly, Jose Manuel Gonzales still feels the overall experience has been invaluable. Being a full-time deputy, he attends meetings and interacts in communities. He feels good about the relationship he has developed with his constituents and he has earned the respect of the caucuses. Through his statements, he has convinced the public of his belief in improving the national interest. Gonzales refuses to take the course of a politician as he believes that politics have caused the country to fall into populist discourse. He has no enemies in the National Assembly and is careful to keep balance on both sides of the situation as interests often intersect one another.

Gonzales believes the only way to solve the country’s problems in through a national agreement. This agreement should be one the country feels good about and takes into account the responsibility owed to future generations. He feels Parliament is the ideal platform to launch this agreement. The spirit of the agreement should be to stop the current crisis immediately and ensure proper governance of the country. The main goals should be peace and economic growth.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a successful entrepreneur investor from New York City, New York. It takes a special kind of finesse in order to make it in the Big Apple, which is exactly what Danilo Diaz Granados displays in character and professional skill. Danilo has an extensive experience and educational background that shows a true sense of well rounded character.

Not only does Danilo’s character show with a profound professional background, it is also apparent with side interests in things like sports and entertainment. With regards to the educational experience, Granados graduated from Babson College. Babson College is a private business school located in a town in Greater Boston, known as Wellesley Massachusetts. Babson College is known for entrepreneurship education, which definitely had a profound effect on Danilo’s success in regards to business and management. For instance, Danilo Diaz Granados has been the Co Founder of Toys For Boys Miami, LLC since 2013. Toys For Boys is known for providing Miami’s elite clientele with the enjoyment of one of a kind exotic artifacts, as the first of its kind luxury boutique in the region. Before this, Danilo Diaz Granados was (and still is) a manager for Movilway. Movilway is a provider of systems of payment for prepaid mobile phones while addressing the fiscal necessities of users without bank accounts. This colorful range of background and experience paints an interesting picture of who Danilo Diaz Granados is as a person and as a professional. Due to diversity of experience and a well rounded sense of character, it is apparent that Danilo is a consummate professional.