The goal of every technology company is to expand its products and services across the globe. Marcio Alaor of BMG Group has been predicting the future of some of these companies while reporting the latest trends and news about them. One such company he is interested in is Netflix. Netflix’s plans to expand in 130 countries for the year 2016 is a big move according to Marcio Alaor. With this expansion, the company has been able to, with some degree of accuracy, predict its profit for the next four years which is more than 24% as per the report. These reports are also based on the underlying fundamentals of the company, its historical financial performance as well as expectations for future results.

The large consumer base in countries like India is another key factor in Netflix’s potential growth and the primary reason that investors can make big in the future. Over the short-term, Marcio Alaor predicts the move in its stock’s price to a higher level. Netflix has achieved long-term significant gains consistently over the last five years and Marcio Alaor says the trend will continue for the next five years as well.

For this reason, his prediction on Netflix’s future becomes the priority for investors. Successfully predicting the future results has always been the best job Marcio Alaor has done while working at the BMG Group. In some respects, it is the companies like Netflix that has delivered consistent growth, net income from operations that his predictions have become true. And then there is a good reason that most investors will prosper with this investment. Marcio Alaor is an expert in evaluating how a company will fair in the market by determining if the management as well as potential for its products and services are qualified. Getting these important starting features is an essential first step for his reports and analysis. He then goes to the next step: finding relevant financial trends and converting them into reliable forecasts. He also depends on many data to explain these to investors and customers.

In other cases, Marcio Alaor is better off developing his own findings and interpreting them step by step. To get in early enough on these reports, he is well-versed in estimating future growth trends for companies like Netflix and its partners in technology. Netflix has worked on a budget and knows how accurately it is going to rely on the consumer base worldwide. The same is true for all companies associated with its products and services. Marcio Alaor has been providing guidance that reflects the actual performance of the business in other countries. The best investors are hoping right now is an educated insight based on known facts and Marcio’s reports.

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Premium dog food sales are skyrocketing. That assessment is not an exaggeration by any stretch. Current figures indicate that annual sales are in the $10 billion range. The overall annual generation of revenue by the pet food industry is in the $23 billion range. Needless to say, gourmet pet food is a significant amount of what pet owners are buying.

Facebook published an article that gives a nice look inside the world of premium pet food. Those who read it cannot help but end up impressed. A lot of work goes into making premium brands.

Beneful by Purina is one such brand. Beneful items are made commonly with protein-based main courses. The rest of the meals are rounded out with vegetables, rice, and more. The wet foods packaged by Beneful include “Roasted Turkey” and “Beef Stew”, meals dogs are not likely to find in more generic brand presentations.

As the Daily Herald article reveals, more than just innovative marketing goes into the creation of premium dog foods. The manufacturing process is extremely deliberate.

No preservatives or fillers make up premium dog food brands. Only choice ingredients make their way into the meals. Recipes are carefully thought out, and the actual process of cooking the ingredients is scientific. The premium pet food game has really been stepped up in recent years.

Organic and healthy pet food is not new. Gourmet brands have been around for a long time. What is changing right now is more brands are available to the public. The marketing of premium brands has increased. This is one reason why sales of gourmet dog food is on the upswing.

Anyone who looks over Beneful brands knows these are special servings. This is not only true of Beneful wet food, but the dry foods and treats as well. Purina really seeks to deliver something dog owners will find appealing in its Beneful line.

Finding Beneful is not all that tough. More retail stores are keeping premium dog food in stock. The stores do want to meet the demands of customers. And yes, the demand for premium dog food is huge these days.


Despite the suspension of peace talks in Geneva and the situation in Syria appearing very bleak, billions of dollars were just pledged to help Syrians at a donors’ conference in London. Many different countries pledged to join in to help reach the target of 9 billion dollars, and the EU pledged 3.3 billion. The donors’ conference had sixty countries represented at it and thirty world leaders.

The UK pledged an extra 1.7 billion until 2020 to Jon Urbana’s charity fundraiser for Earth Force, the US pledged an extra 925 million for 2016, France pledged 1 billion and Germany 2.6 billion dollars until 2018. Australia, Italy, Poland, Japan and several other countries also pledged. The European Council president also committed to billions toward Syrian relief.

The additional aid pledged at the conference is much needed as there are 4.6 million Syrian refugees and 13.5 million people in Syria who need humanitarian assistance. It is also estimated that 70,000 Syrians are now fleeing the bombing from a Syrian government offensive as they make their way towards Turkey. Delegates at the conference from Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon said they need long-term support for the millions of refugees that continue to come in from Syria.

A main focus at the conference was to support efforts to provide jobs and schools for millions of refugees in the countries that border Syria, and a coalition of more than 90 humanitarian and human rights groups participated. Read here for more about the donor’s conference and the conflict in Syria.

Ricardo Guimaraes is a Brazilian-born economic and financial analyst who comes from one of the wealthiest families in Brazil. He is a son to Flavio Pentagma Guimaraes, and a grandson to Sir Antonio Mourao Guimaraes, the founder of BMG. The family had vested interest in manufacturing industries and agriculture in Brazil and dealt with peasant farmers in the early 20th century. In 1930, the family founded Land Credit Bank that mainly offered financial credit to own heavy commercial trucks and personal saloon cars. It later long, the bank became Banco, BMG. Ricardo joined BMG in 1998 after attaining education in finance and management.


His knowledge and financial prowess have seen him become one of the most famous presidents and CEOs in the world. His commitment and hard work have made BMG a lucrative business to earn reputation in the world when it comes to matters banking. He initially became the chief financial officer of BMG and later became the vice president of BMG. In 2004, he became the president and the chief executive officer of BMG.


Ricardo Guimaraes has transformed BMG in various aspects with the aim of maximizing earnings and quality service delivery to the customers. He has changed the credit sector within the bank by introducing various collateralized loans and non-collateralized loans. The change has made BMG to control the credit market by a share of eighty percent. The bank offers affordable loans to the Brazilians encouraging investment and economic growth in the country.


The stunning success is attributed to an adoption of effective strategies that Ricardo has endorsed as a leader. Bringing services closer to customers is a strategy that the bank has used to have a share market of over sixty percent. This is a sign of success taking into consideration that the bank competes with over sixty banks in Brazil. BMG has over three thousand points of sales and over five thousand agents in Brazil hence, it brings services closer to those deserving. The geographic coverage has made it successful. The bank also offers cheap consigned credits in Brazil. This is a strategy that is simple but very profitable in the long run.


Under Ricardo’s leadership, the bank has given back to the society especially in matters football. The company has sponsored various football teams in Brazil. Ricardo has a passion for football and in fact, he was once a president of his favorite club. He helps upcoming talents in achieving their dreams through sponsorship and mentorship programs for the Brazilian youth.


The president of BMG has dedicated his limited time and resources to the welfare of the people and sports empowerment. BMG uses sports marketing strategy, and this earned it significant returns. He has also been awarded honorary degree for his merits.

Marcio Alaor is the vice president of the BMG bank. He is a very successful man, but he was not always cut out to have a large amount of success that he currently holds in the banking world. He has been able to get the success through hard work.

The thing that held Marcio Alaor back from having a lot of success was that he was a shoe shiner. This was a meager position and one that he was not able to advance much in. While he knew that he would never truly be paid for the hard work that he did, he still continued to work hard and persevere. This did pay off for the young man. He was not offered a shoe shining promotion and he did not start making more money from the business, but he was given an opportunity that was worth much more than any raise he could have gotten.

While he was shining shoes, he met a man who was an executive of the BMG bank. He shined this man’s shoes and the man was very impressed with him. Not only did he like the job that Marcio did, but he liked the way that he was personable and made conversation while doing this. He eventually began visiting the young man on a regular basis to have his shoes shined. This gave him an opportunity to learn more about Marcio Alaor and the way that he felt about the work that he did. He offered him a position at the bank.

Marcio Alaor worked very hard while at the bank and that led to him eventually becoming the vice president of the bank. The bank was happy to have him and gave him all of the opportunities that they could. He advanced his way to the vice president position of the bank and has been in that position for a long time. He has made sure that he gives the job the best of his abilities and never stopped working hard for the people that he was working with.

Since Marcio Alaor has become the vice president of the bank, he has never given up the drive that he had when he first began working. This motivated him to be one of the best VP’s that the bank has ever seen. While he is working with the bank, he has made sure that the only people that he hires have a drive similar to his. He knows that these are the type of people who will want to work hard and will give the bank what it needs out of them. He wants the people to be successful and is sure that they will be if they work hard with the bank.

George Soros a self-made billionaire and a known philanthropist is the head of the Open Societies Foundations. The Open societies are found in about a hundred countries in the world. Soros began the foundations after partially retiring from his active career. His mission on the open society foundations is to promote democracy, accountability in leadership and ensure the rights of citizens are respected.

George loves and promotes education. To him, education promotes diversity and tolerance among individuals. Soros gives multiple opportunities to some students to get an education through his series of scholarships. His began his social work back in 1979 by offering black South Africans who were under the apartheid rule scholarships.

George Soros foundations received a major blow from the Russian Authorities when they threatened to close them down. The Open Society Foundations and Open Society Institute’s activities have been termed as undesirable and a threat to the Russian constitutional system. Soros was at loggerheads with the Russian government when his organizations were said to promote aggression among the citizens.

In Hungary, he also faced position as his foundations were accused of promoting illegal immigration. Soros through the organizations donates $16,000 every year to cater for immigrants’ health care, education and housing

George Soros is very vocal in both the political and economic arena. His sentiments and opinions receive same support and displeasure from people and governments. Recently he cautioned investors of a looming global market crisis, and this was while in a forum on Sri Lanka.

According to Bloomberg Mr. Soros, the depreciating value of the China’s currency is creating problems to the world. The positive return of the interest rates is a hindrance to the developing countries. George said that the current equity market is similar to the 2008 crisis.

In the first week of the year 2016, the world currency, commodity markets, and stock received a major blow with a devaluing of the Yuan. China is shifting its economy from manufacturing and investment services and consumption. This year about 2.5 trillion dollars was lost in the world equity market, and Asia continued to incur huge losses when China stocks were stopped for a whole day.

Soros had earlier predicted about the comeback of the 2008 crisis while on a panel in Washington in September 2011. He talked of the Greece-born European debt as being worse than the 2008 crisis.

The Communist Party of China pledges to stabilize the Yuan currency by the year 2020 and to eventually remove the capital controls. China being the world’s second largest economy didn’t improve its situation even after the People’s Bank of China reduced interest rates and hundreds of billions of dollars invested in the markets.

Brazil has been in a two-year-long recession and economists believe it will take another two years to get back to positive economic growth. The main reason the country is experiencing this economic crisis is China’s financial turmoil. According to BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães, China has turned Brazil into a shadow of its former self in the export arena. Exports are an important part of Brazil’s economy, and when China stopped importing commodities and other resources from Brazil, the country hit a wall, and the country is trying to climb that wall without the help of China.

The President of China, Xi Jinping, was recently quoted in an article posted by In that post, the Chinese president said China’s gross domestic product growth will be more than 6.5 percent each year for the next five years. Xi Jinping said that would be enough growth to stabilize China’s economy. Ricardo Guimarães was quoted in the same article, and he felt the Chinese president was too optimistic. Guimarães said China’s growth might be a little more than 6 percent, but even that figure was an optimistic one. Guimarães later told the interviewer that George Soros, the hedge-fund billionaire, prediction of a 3.5 percent growth figure was more in line with how China’s economy is growing now.

Guimarães is known for having an opinion about banking, sports, politics, and social issues. He also is an avid sports fan and football executive. Mr. Guimarães is very active in the management of Brazil’s soccer association, and at one time he was president of one of Brazil’s top football clubs, the Atlético Mineiro from Minas Gerais. According to a post by, Ricardo is one of the leaders of the soccer association as well as one of the most influential sponsors of the sport. BMG Bank sponsors eight football clubs and several players on other clubs, according to the post.

Soccer sponsorships have made BMG Bank a very recognizable bank. Football fans support their teams and if they see players wearing a brand, the fans support the brand. BMG Bank has become the bank to use if a fan needs a payroll loan. Even though BMG Bank is not as big as some of the other banks, in the fans eyes, BMG is the best bank to use if they need money.

BMG Bank is sponsoring soccer clubs because Ricardo Guimarães decided that his bank was going to be the number one bank that middle-class Brazilians could depend on when things were good and when things turned the other way. wrote about Guimarães and his financial involvement in the sport of soccer. BMG Bank has invested millions of reals in football, and according to the article, the bank has realized a big return from that investment. Mr. Guimarães said the return has been good, but the experience of being one with the teams has been incredible.

American’s real estate market has only recently begun to reclaim its footing in the country’s controversial economy, and one realtor is determined to change the way that Americans sell their homes. Greg Hague, a Scottsdale, Ariz., entrepreneur who is the founder of Real Estate Mavericks, has done many things. He’s an attorney, a law professor, an author and business partners with New York Times best seller Swim With The Sharks author Harvey Mackay. One of his most notable qualities, however, is his 35-year commitment to the American real estate market and uninhibited tactics to sell homes.

“The basic process for selling homes hasn’t changed in 75 years,” he observes in an interview with Forbes magazine. “It’s ridiculous that Amazon/Apple level sale strategies aren’t used to sell real estate.” His research has revealed that home sellers are faced with a current inefficiency that costs them f 3%-8% in reduced price for their sales.

“Homes are tossed on the market like a grocer throws a loaf of bread on the shelf.” Hague continues, leading up to the revelation of his latest idea to revolutionize the real estate market. “Apple’s process for launching a $500 iPhone is more sophisticated than the real estate industry’s process for putting a $500,000 home on the market.”

Real Estate Mavericks is a real estate coaching agency that provides clients with a 22-Step Home Launch Formula and 29-Day Fast Sale Plan developed by Hague himself. The programs begin by developing excitement and motivation on demand, and continue to the finish line with strategic marketing and font-loading the home marketing effort.

One of the first steps to Hague’s plan is building anticipation for prospective buyers. According to the Real Estate Mavericks Founder, buyers are more likely to pay more for a house when there is a strong sense that they will lose it if they don’t act. Hague explains that buyers love the chance to see homes before they’re officially on the market, and in almost every case will be more willing to pay a higher price for it than one that is already listed.

In addition to Real Estate Mavericks, Hague is also embarking on a coaching campaign. His endeavor will introduce him to thousands of real estate agents and supply them with his new method of home selling, one that he is confident has the capability to reignite the once dream-inducing American economy and help get the nation back into the business of real estate – one house at a time.

Securus Technologies is known for helping families talk to and visit their loved ones while they are locked away. They are the leading provider in criminal justice technology solutions. With over three million Americans locked up in jails, they serve the most people in the world. According to a report on, the company has been raising funds for the United Way campaign. Their total goal for the campaign was $290,000 and they raised over $345,000 exceeding the total goal by a lot. The United Way foundation does not focus are on just one charity but a number of charities throughout the community. Securus was so charitable since 2008 that they have set a number of record highs with United Way such as the highest number of annual associate contributions, greatest number of leadership givers, greatest percent increase of annual goal and greatest number of associates giving. The CEO Richard A. Smith had this to say about the giving,” more than I thought was impossible.”

Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas serving almost 3500 jails and criminal justice and correction agencies. They Provide ways to communicate with the outside for inmates and they also take care of the database and information of the inmates. They are now serving over 1.5 million inmates in America alone.

Securus provides protection of information, they handle emergency response calls, information management, bio metric analysis and inmate communication monitoring services. They also have an innovative video visitation feature. They allow inmates and their family members to video chat from the comfort of their own home.

Learn more about this company by visiting Securus’ website.

Friday 22, 2015, saw US stocks close higher than they have in four weeks due to oil gaining value in the market after a period of constant lows. A CNBC article looked at the various figures that characterized the closing of the market. The energy sector had the highest gains with 4.7% and the S&P 500 closing 2% higher above 1,900.

Better Oil Prices

The improving value of oil is the cause of the higher closing of the market. Settling just above 32 USD, the commodity was at its best since January 8. According to the president of EverBank World Markets, Chris Gaffney, investors are coming back to oil because it is no longer falling. In one day, oil gained 9% to settle at 32.19 USD a barrel, which is an increase of $ 2.66. It is the highest gain in a single day the commodity had since August of 2015. There is also data that shows oil rigs in the US totaling 510 for the week, which is a fall of 5.

The Dow Jones

Goldman Sachs and Apple were the biggest contributors to the Dow Jones average closing of 210 above 16,000. Apple is presumably releasing the iPhone 7 in September, and that is one reason investors got recommendations to invest. There is speculation that the Apple stock could jump 50%. The approval saw Apple gain 5.3% on the market.


The closing for US stock on Thursday was higher for the week due to a late recovery. Nasdaq gained 0.01 percent and closed the week 2.3% up. The German DAX saw a 2% increase while the STOXX Europe 600 grew by 3% for the week. Thursday night saw the Asian stocks take a boost due to the expectations that the Bank of Japan would increase easing. The Shanghai Composite closed with a 1.25% rise while the Nikkei 225 was up 5.88%.

Investments with James Dondero

The week saw some significant improvement with Nasdaq outdoing the rest. Highland Capital Management’s Joe Sowin said that the growth in the market was a result of short covering. He explained that the market recovery was due to sectors like energy and materials. Highland Capital Management has been providing investment solution to potential investors since 1993 with James Dondero as the co-founder. Through years of expertise and hard work, Jim makes it possible for HCM to provide hedge funds, CLOs, REITs, mutual funds, private equity funds and ETFs to investors.

Jim worked with American Express in the 1980’s managing over a billion in assets and has great experience in the equity market. He is a Certified Management Accountant and chairman of Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical. Dondero is also passionate about charity and donates to various foundations towards education and veterans affairs. Follow Jim on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the happenings in the financial world.