A Legal Game Changer: Ricardo Tosto and the Brazilian Legal System

People tend to be national – centric when is comes to the law. Many have trouble picturing how another country’s law functions. In order to understand foreign law, one must understand their own country’s. American law is based on common law which centers around judicial precedence. This means that sitting judges give opinions on individual cases which creates a loose statute upon which another judge’s decision can be based. Although the U.S. also has codified law, laws passed by a legislative body, the extistance of both is intended to balance each other.

A country with some similarities to the american legal system is Brazil. Unlike the U.S., Brazilian law is based on codified laws, which gives less power to judge’s precedence. The basis for this is old European policy, mostly from Portugal, which began to settle Brazil in the mid – 16th century. Preparing to practice law in the U.S. and Brazil is also different. In the U.S., a potential law student must earn a bachelors degree that does not have to be associated with law. They must then earn a three year JD (juris doctorate) before sitting for the bar exam. Brazilian law students go straight to law school and earn a five year Bacharel di Direito (Bachelor of Laws) which qualifies them to sit for the bar exam. In the actual practice of Brazilian law, judges question witnesses, present evidence and find experts to testify. While Lawyers still represent clients, they take a less investigative role but have a more vested interested in “defending” their client.

A lawyer that has a stellar reputation in the Brazilian legal community is Ricardo Tosto. Starting out in a small practice, Sr. Tosto worked his way up through the most successful firms in the country to owning the largest legal firm in Brazil. As the founding partner, he took part in some of the most ground breaking decisions in the Brazilian Legal System. Functioning as lead council in many high profile, big money cases, he has also enacted major legal mechanisms which have become a cornerstone of Brazilian legal practice. In addition, he has represented several Brazilian corporations as well as economic interests.

Mentoring most of his partners, Sr. Tosto has brought his legal firm, Leite, Tosto y Barros Advogados, to one of the most well reputationed firms in Brazil. As his landmarks in the field continues, Ricardo Tosto’s impression on Brazilian law will not be soon forgotten.

Defining Mobile Wireless Service That Fits Your Needs

Mobile wireless services are inundating today’s market. There are deals everywhere and giving your home or office a ‘technical’ look requires careful thought. In fact, for devices with which you spend a great deal of time, the motivation to get better value for the price is even stronger. So how do you shop for a perfect mobile wireless service?

Once you have determined the type of wireless service you need that suits your business or household requirements, you can begin to take spots that will pull the entire process together. Using a particular service provider for all your services like voice, text and data and combining them into one can save a lot of money. Listen to your own instinct as well. Begin this phase in your project by following these ideas.

Sign up with a provider for a trial period. Don’t finalize anything until you know you are on the right track. Mount the items you need to your list, choose a speed and see if it works for you. Also look for plans that offer discounts for first time users. Better yet, choose 1 or 2 year agreement plans once you choose the provider. The more the service, the better. If a bandwidth or speed is lesser than expected, ask for better deals. Create a sheet to take with you when you shop or call the provider. Remembering different packages is nearly impossible. Working with a brochure from various providers is a sure way to end up with something that perfectly matches with your needs. Also, include your source of the deal. Note that several providers offer better price if you are carrying your own equipment like modem, so shop for one.

If you already have idea about what will work best for your situation, you are off to a great start. But if you are still weighing the advantage of a basic internet plan against the sophistication of smartphone plans, examine some of the features that make up different plans. Think about the future and plan accordingly. Are you planning to add family members to your cell phone line? Do you require cable service that comes along with internet and voice for a small extra? You will get some ideas about identifying what plan is right for you once you go through various details.

About FreedomPop

Founded by Steven Sesar and Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop is a mobile wireless service provider for companies like Clearwire and Sprint. This company based in Los Angeles CA and started in 2011, has grown to become the best wireless provider in and around the area. It provides data, voice and text services along with selling broadband devices, cell phones and tablets.

FreedomPop has many notable investors such as Doll Capital Management, Atomico and Mangrove Capital. The company has partnered with many other start-up companies to extend its business beyond California. FreedomPop offers incredible deals to it customers, especially tablet and smartphone users. The high quality call and durable products are some of the things that FreedomPop stands for in the mobile wireless field.

Can Dan Newlin Help You With Your Personal Injury?

When you sustain injuries because of another person’s careless actions, you may be a personal injury victim. Examples of personal injury include car accidents, slip and fall accidents, animal bites, medical malpractice and so much more. As a personal injury victim, you are typically entitled to financial restitution from the person who caused your accident. This person is held responsible if there is strong proof that he or she was negligent. To pursue financial restitution and legal justice, consider contacting The Law Offices Of Dan Newlin.

When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

You may feel hesitant to hire a lawyer, and this is not uncommon. Some people feel that they can handle their personal injury cases alone. Unfortunately, this rarely leads to a positive outcome for a victim. Hiring an attorney is a very beneficial choice. This is especially true if you meet the following criteria:

– Your injuries are moderate to severe.
– Your injuries are likely to have long-term effects.
– There are issues or uncertainty regarding liability.
– You face serious financial burdens due to your injuries.

Keep in mind that every personal injury is unique. At the bare minimum, consulting with a personal injury attorney should be strongly considered. Even if you feel your injuries are minor, you could benefit from the assistance of Dan Newlin and his legal team.

How To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you want legal assistance with your personal injury case, you need assistance from a dedicated law firm. Choosing a firm that is well-versed in personal injury is crucial. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin offer you a team of highly experienced lawyers with injury and accident cases. This firm has a strong history of obtaining a great deal of compensation for their clients. They commit themselves to helping victims like you get the financial restitution they deserve.

The Keys to Marc Sparks success as an Entrepreneur


Working for yourself is one of those aspirations that most people yearn and dream about. It’s the lucky few who have the opportunity and good luck to have experienced it and off those there are fewer still that are able to make a success out of it.

In this august group, there are still some rare and unique individuals who are not just successful themselves but able to mentor and guide others to success as well. Marc Sparks is one of these rare entrepreneurs. He is a venture capitalist and through his firm Timber Creek Capital invests and helps start-up companies. 

In looking at the skills and talents expected of an entrepreneur, you will notice some common themes that are at the root. These include drive, determination and passion. An entrepreneur is successful because he is passionate about his business and how it differentiates from the competition, he is driven to become the subject matter expert in the field, and he is more driven than anyone else to insure success. Such qualities in leadership project self-belief and in turn inspire confidence in both, the colleagues you work with and the clients with whom you do business. These root qualities have taken Marc from a c-student who never went to college, as he wrote in his book “They Cant Eat You”, to becoming a serial entrepreneur with over sixty startups under his belt. 

This passion dictates that Marc not just provide capital for investment in these ventures, but also fully engage and help them with the Business planning as well, providing that crucial guidance that only comes with years of experience. This then is the same passion and organization that he displays in his various philanthropic works as well. He dedicates a lot of his resources to Samaritan Inn, a housing facility where those who want to help themselves can find a place to stay, and assistance in financial planning, career counseling, job placement and even health programs, so that they are equipped in the best possible manner to help themselves out of their situations.

And again, this harkens back to Marc’s confidence and belief that his outrageous success, despite his humble academic beginnings, can be repeated by others that have the same passion, determination and drive. As as a successful entrepreneur in both, his business investments or his philanthropic causes, he hopes to inspire the same in others.

Andy Wirth Has Outdoors in His Blood

Andy Wirth is CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Bringing over 25 years of experience to the table, Andy has the ability to charismatically lead. State parks run through his blood as they have been a part of his family for generations. His ambition and drive is one of the factors that makes Squaw Valley ski holdings of the top winter destinations worldwide.

You may also know him from the hit TV show Undercover Boss. Where on Friday, March 8th Andy Wirth himself went undercover on the show as an undercover boss. Andy Wirth is the grandson of former US National Park Service Director Conrad worth as well as great-grandson Theodore Wirth. Andy was born in West Germany. He ended up attending college at Colorado State University. As well as continuing higher education at Edinburgh university in Scotland. He served as a ranger for two national parks, the San Pedro Park Wilderness Area and the Rocky Mountain National Parks.

Andy Wirth took over as CEO for Squaw Valley in 2010 replacing Nancy Cushing. This new position came with the responsibility of overseeing a 70 million dollar upgrade to the resort. Andy is helping Squaw Valley to rebuild its reputation and is doing a top notch job at it. Thanks to his hard work and dedication of overseeing this project Squaw Valley is now known as one of the top winter destinations in the world. Andy Wirth is an environmentalist who is a great contributor in the Lake Tahoe area.

Currently, he resides in California with his wife. They are both active members in their community.Keep your eye on Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. There are big things in store for them both in the future.Be sure to check out his amazing resort if you are looking to have the best time ever while in the Squaw Valley area.

Visual Search Technology Is Changing E-Commerce

Did you ever see an article of clothing that someone was wearing that you just had to have? Or did you spot a furniture piece that you would like yourself when walking outside? You might not always have the time to ask a person what he or she is wearing. The furniture that interests you could be inaccessible and far away from you. Fortunately, if you have been in such a situation, visual search technology can tell what that elusive article of clothing or piece of furniture is, how much it costs and where you can purchase it.

With visual search technology all you need to do to find out what the article of clothing that caught your eye is is to snap a photo of it. The same applies to a piece of furniture, appliance or electronic device. After you have snapped a photo of the item that you are interested in, the visual search technology app will scan the photo and analyze the item in the photograph. After the scan and analysis is complete you will be given an exact or close match of the product or item that you have snapped using the visual search technology application. Not only will you get an exact match or closely related product, you will also see details about the item such as name, features, price and where it can be purchased.

Visual search technology works by scanning and analyzing the visual features of the item you have taken a picture of. It analyzes visual features such as color, patterns, markings, tags, branding, textures, brightness and size to come up with a match. Once the scan is complete it compares the item’s characteristics to products in the visual search technology database that have matching or very similar visual characteristics to come up with a match.

Visual search technology is an exiting and rapidly growing field with many new developments. A leading company in visual search technology is Slyce. They have developed several apps that utilize visual search technology such as pounce, craves and snip snap. Craves uses visual search technology to scan clothing, pounce scans a wide variety of items including clothing accessories and snip snap allows you to scan coupons directly onto your smartphone. With snap snap there is no more forgetting coupons, they are stored in your smartphone and can be used at checkout just like a regular coupon.

Joseph Bismark Leads the Way for Businesses


When it comes to the work that a business leader does, it seems that they need to look out for both their company and their employees. When someone is leading a group of individuals, that someone needs to take their job very seriously. Joseph Bismark knows just how to do that, and he is trying to help those he leads and also the company that he is working for. It seems that Joseph Bismark knows just what is needed in order to make a company great and to look out for all of those individuals who are working for that company.

In a post on the blog Citizen Shame, it is said that Joseph Bismark feels that spiritual philosophies should be ingrained into a company. A company should have certain beliefs and values built into it. This man believes that spirituality is important in an individual’s life, and he feels that it should also be an important part of every business. Joseph Bismark has some strong beliefs on the way that individuals should treat one another and the way that a company should act, and he is showing other business leaders just what they should do in order to run a business that is smart and good.

Intro to Writing for Wikipedia – Creating Readable, Unbiased, Informative Content

With almost 5 million entries in the English version alone, Wikipedia is the largest Encyclopedia online. For most people, Wikipedia is the go-to resource when there’s something they need to obtain comprehensive knowledge on. Thought it often may get flak for the fact anyone can edit it, there is actually a certain protocol contributors must follow. Contrary to public view, Wikipedia has high standards for its content. However, this doesn’t mean only elite GetYourWiki Wikipedia writers for hire may write for the site. Anyone can learn how to create great Wiki articles!

As you would with any other writing task, use proper punctuation and grammar when writing for Wikipedia. Make sure your content is free of errors. Additionally, you want your information to be clear and concise, so ensure you compress it into a coherent yet comprehensive entry.

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, however, nobody insert whatever information they please.Sources must be provided. Whatever you say, it must have a legitimate source to back it up. This ensures you are not lying about your information, and improves the website’s overall trustworthiness.

Keep your articles free of bias. You may have your opinions on any given issue, and that is perfectly fine. However, you must avoid letting your opinions bleed into your content. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, and all information contained within it must be objective. Cite sources from every side of a particular subject, not just sources supporting your bias. Even without one’s knowledge, bias can show itself. This aspect highlights another important aspect of editing for Wikipedia – peer review.

Always have other contributors view, rate, and suggest revisions for your contribution. The advice of experienced contributors will better your work and the community as a whole. Peer review maintains consistency in every one of Wikipedia’s articles. Always speak with other editors over changes to another’s article, or chances are you will start an edit war.

Do not write about yourself. If you are notable enough to be written about, somebody else will gladly do the job for you. Subjects must be public knowledge, not personal experiences, friends, or in-jokes with your friends.If your experience was actually notable, and your viewpoint remains humble and neutral, then an article relating to yourself may stay.

Finally, you must be a volunteer. Wikipedia values unbiased content above all else. Do not accept offers from a third party to pay you to promote a specific agenda. You must write out of your own altruism, not to promote any ideology.

This is only the beginning. There is much, much more, but the best way to find out is through personal experience. Wikipedia has numerous guides on how to begin, and the essential traits of a quality article. As with anything else, becoming a great contributor requires time in practice. Don’t fret though, it can be done! With enough trial and error, you too can become a great contributor.

The Linchpin Of Accident Injury Attorneys: Dan Newlin

The passion for fair monetary reparation and justice for victims springs from his parents. This forms the basis upon which emphasis sees placement on comprehensive and compassionate service. That is Dan Newlin and Partners, Attorneys at Law. The lead partner and team of lawyers have a history of fighting hard to protect their clients’ rights. They have vast experience in handling high net worth litigations. Small wonder they hold recognition as Super Lawyer Law Firm.

Dan Newlin’s venture into the world of law enforcement begun when he was twenty. That was at Indiana, New Chicago Police Department. Along the way, he got to rise to Sheriff’s Detective of Orlando Florida’s Sheriff’s Office for Orange County. That was ten years of fundamental law enforcement experience.

1997 saw him accepted into law school at College of Law, Florida State, graduating in 2000. He is a proud license holder for practice in both Chicago and Illinois where he practices. The firm grew from a tiny office with one assistant to a full boutique style legal practice that serves Illinois and Florida. On board are eighteen excellent attorneys that include a Board Certified Surgeon, a number of past State Prosecutors and seventy-five employees.

This team led by Dan Newlin focuses on auto accidents, personal injury, motorcycle accidents, and construction accidents. Others are truck accidents, any injury cases, medical negligence, wrongful death, and representation of people who face wrongful criminal offense charges. The firm excels in the exploitation, on behalf of their clients, of information that insurance adjusters are loath to see in the hands of insurance clients.

Mr. Newlin knows every dark corner of the law enforcement world. This comes from experience gained in various police details before and after joining law school. While serving as a police officer, details ranged from auto theft through narcotics enforcement to apprehension of numerous dangerous fugitives. His dedication to duty resulted in recognition for outstanding service by Marshall’s Office of the United States.

A big part of an accident victim’s challenges rarely sees recognition by members of the legal profession. This is the physical pain and emotional distress such a victim goes through. This is not the case for this firm, however. Dan Newlin has seen it all during his chequered career in law enforcement. He has developed a compassionate understanding for victims’ challenges. This is the driving force behind the one hundred and fifty million dollar recovery record for the firm’s injury and accidents victim clients.

Less than five percent of the legal firms and Florida Lawyers ever earn the Super Lawyer Law Firm recognition. Few of them matured in law enforcement. Anyone wishing to win litigation needs Dan Newlin and his team in their corner.

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